Wednesday 7 June 2023: Too much red tape

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I left everyone dangling on Monday. Here’s how that day went.


Monday started with me waking up feeling rough as $h!t. (Excuse my language.) I’d spent most of the night coughing or drowning and caved in and had two flu pills at about 5am. Those seemed to work and I at least got some sleep. I felt so bad when I got up, though, I did a Covid test. It was negative so clearly this was just a summer cold.

The ONLY reason I even got out of bed on Monday was because I had my first yoga class in almost 20 years booked for 9:30am. That was the other reason for the Covid test. I was mixing with people in an air-conditioned studio and didn’t want to spread it if I had it.

I managed to force down a cup of tea and I went out on an empty stomach. I wasn’t hungry and, anyway, I was feeling a bit queasy.

The class went well. I told the instructor at the start about the slipped vertebra and that I wanted to realign my spine and strengthen my core. She responded by saying I should know how far I can go and she would leave it to me what to do and what to leave out. I was a bit surprised because my previous instructor took a great deal of interest in my condition at the time and was very clear on what *she* thought I should try and not try. To give her her due, this current instructor did shout out to me a couple of times that perhaps *this* pose wasn’t a right pose for me, and so I remained in the *easy* pose.

The poses I did made themselves felt in my wings and my thighs. I’m nowhere near as supple as I used to be, but I could feel everything loosening up slightly. At the end of the session, we didn’t do a corpse pose for five minutes. We just got up and went. Which I was also a bit surprised about. It was, however, only an hour’s session and now I’m trying to remember if they were 90-minute sessions when I did it before and there just wasn’t time.

The instructor asked me how it had gone. I jokingly said I missed the lying down for 10 minutes in corpse pose with a blanket and a pillow. She pulled a face, said ‘nice’, and dashed off. Again, I thought the instructor was supposed to be the last out of the room. Clearly I have very high expectations.

I will go again, but I won’t engage with her more than I have to. But she only has one more week and then she’s off on holiday for a fortnight and she doesn’t know if the leisure centre will replace her for those two weeks. I’ve booked in for next week and I’ll book again if they find a replacement. But if I continue to feel a bit… edgy, then I’ll look around for another class.

Back in my car I ate two light cereal bars and drank some water, and I went home, not knowing if the aches were from the yoga or because of my cold.

The only work I managed to do when I got back was gig list admin and finishing Monday’s blog post. I didn’t feel like doing anything else and I didn’t write any blog posts in advance, apart from yesterday’s. I did go for a ‘quick nap’… and woke up three hours later when the poet came home from work…

The poet came home from work early so he could take me to my hospital appointment. The consultant was worried about my cholesterol levels, but as my GP isn’t worried, he’s going to leave that with her. Apparently, though, and something my former GP surgery didn’t tell me, he’s also concerned about my thyroid. It’s okay at the moment, but it’s ‘working hard’. I told him my old GP hadn’t mentioned that, and he said not to worry, he’d write to my new GP and ask her to test my blood again in 12 months.

However… he still wants to rule out gall stones and is referring me to a hospital in Leeds for an endoscopy to check for micro-stones. The two scans I’ve had so far haven’t shown anything. But he says that something caused the pancreatitis last year and if it isn’t stones, micro, massive, or otherwise, then it might be the thyroid issue. So, deep joy, I have to endure another endoscopy. (The one down the throat.) (I have a VERY low gag threshold.) The first one was when they discovered the hiatus hernia and this one, apparently, is slightly longer and slightly bigger so that it can take pictures while it’s in there and have a good look around. 😱

I didn’t feel like much to eat so we had chip butties for tea.


It was Mom’s funeral yesterday. I still wasn’t feeling great and I warned my sister that we wouldn’t be stopping for long afterwards as I didn’t want to spread my germs. I didn’t eat much and I took more flu pills. We dropped the dog off at the poet’s mum’s first and made really good time, getting there at 10:50am. We were first to arrive but were closely followed by the rest of my sister’s kids (her middle one was staying there with her). The cars arrived at 11:30am, and the funeral was at noon.

My brother and half of his family met us at the crematorium. The other half of his family were stranded in Ireland and they didn’t make it for the actual funeral. Quite a lot of our parents’ neighbours were there too. It was nice to catch up with them and nice of them to come along.

We went back to the house, where the rest of my brother’s family turned up, and we did have a few hours with them. My brother had to do some banking, though, and we dropped his wife off at the bank as well before making our way back.

We collected the dog, spent some time with MiL, and came back, again with me not fancying very much for tea. We had cheese on toast followed by strawberries and ice cream. The ice cream was really nice on my throat.


I feel quite a lot better today, but I still have a bit of a throat and a bit of a blocked nose. I’m also still not very hungry. (I’ve lost 2lb this week!) I still had a lot to do, plus all of Monday to catch up with. But I only made a dent in it because probate was the first job and it took the entire morning again. (So much red tape!)

Here’s what I’m supposed to be doing today:

  • probate ✔️
  • secret sugarholic blog post for tomorrow (maybe – if I can think of something to write) (FROM MONDAY)
  • new month spreadsheets (FROM MONDAY)
  • Diary of a Pussycat revisions (MONDAY AND TODAY)
  • Catch the Rainbow typing (MONDAY AND TODAY)
  • Monkey Dust admin (FROM MONDAY)
  • today’s blog post ✔️
  • run to bank
  • run to post office
  • tomorrow’s blog post
  • revise motivational Mondays workshops
  • this week’s garden post
  • The Fool planning
  • SS A Death in the Night #1 (unlikely to happen)
  • SS Thin brainstorm (unlikely, but you never know)
  • electronic edits on Taliban book (I MUST do this)

And I STILL have to find room this week for everything I moved over from last week.

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2 thoughts on “Wednesday 7 June 2023: Too much red tape

  1. I hope you feel better soon.

    My suggestion is to look for another yoga class. This instructor has too many red flags going on. And yes, the instructor is supposed to be first in, last out, and available for questions, etc. after.

    1. I might have to travel further afield for a different class, but we do have a private health club down the road from the leisure centre and another private health club next to the supermarket we use. I will be looking around…

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