Monday 15 May 2023: Messing with stuff

Image by Steve Buissinne from Pixabay

After spending the best part of Thursday redesigning the blog and not being entirely satisfied with it by close of play, the first thing I did on Friday was revisit it. In particular, I didn’t like the way it displayed on mobile devices. I think I’ve fixed it now, but I don’t like the new editor that came with the new template. It looks too much like the block editor I’ve managed to avoid using various plugins.

Fortunately, it’s not yet insisting on using blocks, but I’m sure it’s only around the corner. I must make a concerted effort to get to know the block editor before I don’t have any choice. I have to use block editor for my newsletters. I should be able to master it in WordPress as well.

I did a lot of faffing on Friday, a lot of messing with stuff, along with more probate work. We were off out early on Friday night for the poet’s gig and we had to have tea early, so it was a shortened day.

Then I planned out the short story writing schedule on ClickUp to the end of the month, discarding another two short stories I doubt I’ll have time to do much justice to. There are still six stories for May, including Autumn Fayre, which went out three times in the end to the same market. This is because I wasn’t getting an auto-reply acknowledging safe receipt. In the end I sent it from the website and received the auto-reply by return, so it must be something to do with Yahoo.

I did the weekly scan and backup and I did my diary for this week once I was happy with the reshuffled schedule. I had to change one of the project colours because short stories was the same colour as admin.

I shared Friday’s Substack post everywhere and because I still hadn’t received my media assets for Twitter, I just attached an illustration used in the respective articles.

And then I caught up on blogs before the weekend.

Two new short stories will be started today. I’ll do the brainstorming for both and then outline one as I’m a bit behind. Usually I’ll only work on one aspect of a short story during one day but for this week I’m catching up.

The weekend catchup will be tomorrow.

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2 thoughts on “Monday 15 May 2023: Messing with stuff

    1. I’m building up a good supply of short story outlines following the brainstorming sessions that I can hopefully dip into whenever I need to write something specific, or even if I’m struggling to find something to write about. Brainstorming and outlining is ace.

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