Friday 3 Feb 2023: Sea air

Off Bempton Cliffs (Picture © Ian Wordsworth)

So I sort of got back to work yesterday but by 3pm all I’d done was yesterday’s blog post. Oh yes, and I fired off an email to the ghostwriting client to let them know I was back at work, if taking it easy still. To ease myself back in, and to refresh my memory, I re-read the last I’d written as well as the last instalment I’d sent off. I found a few typos the beta reader had missed (and me), and changed those. I’ll see if they want a revised version. If it’s already gone off to proofreading, then the proofreader should spot them.

The poet wasn’t very well at all and he got steadily worse as the day progressed, until he got out of bed for something to eat. Once he was up and in his chair, he brightened a bit, but he’d had some Nurofen Eight Hour Express 256mg pill things and those and the bit of food might have contributed. He had a rough night last night, though. And so did I, by default. He’s not feeling great today, but at least he’s up again.

Today I’m alternating ghostwriting with editing and perhaps some of my own writing. I’m also assessing an online writing academy to see if it’s worth me paying $15 a month for unlimited access to all of their courses (apx £12). I pay about that for Slimming World or Weight Watchers and keep abandoning them, so perhaps it might be worth me reassigning that small amount of cash towards something I’m more likely to do.

I could ask for something towards the academy for my birthday, which is soon, but as we’re doing something ‘together’ for the poet’s birthday first, I think we might do something ‘together’ for my birthday too. (We’re going to the theatre, dah-ling, to see The Jersey Boys.) (And it’s all right, he does already know.) We’ll also be doing something ‘together’ for Valentine’s Day, as we usually do every year, but that’s more likely to be a meal out and a trip to the pictures.

If we’re both feeling better by, say, Sunday, we might nip out to get some sea air. We’ll still be isolated in the car and we won’t be mixing with anyone. We’ll just drive to the coast, stand on a cliff for a few minutes, and drive back. Bempton Cliffs is possibly the nearest such cliff (hence today’s picture – but we won’t be going on a boat). If we were in the midlands, we’d be going to stand on top of Malvern for ten minutes instead.

I finally tested negative, but I still think we should be isolating for more than five days after the first positive test. We were planning on going to see my mom this weekend, but that’s out of the question now. My brother and his family are currently in Ireland and they’re popping over next weekend. If we’re both well, we might try and arrange something so that we can see them too. If one of us isn’t, then we won’t.

Have a great weekend. Hopefully everything will be back to normal by next week.

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