Planning ahead

(Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay)
Thursday 26 August 2021

I had a lot to do on Thursday, so I was happy when I made it to my desk at a reasonable time again.

I started by having a quick look at the short stories I’ve written but done nothing with for possible inclusion in the fiction magazine…

It soon became clear that there was a reason I didn’t do anything with them. They were all rubbish. So that was that, then.

Next up I selected two articles that have been previously published on here and on Medium (and one of them in Diary of a Scaredy Cat) that I scheduled for next week. I’m on holiday from today and I won’t be posting any updates.

I selected two short stories as well, both of which have been previously published in magazines, in Twee Tales, on Kindle Unlimited and/or on Medium. However, I saved those for posting later on.

This is why I always keep my rights, so I can use them again and again and, sometimes, get paid more than once.

I did some gig list admin and some Monkey Dust admin – I shared the gig list on Facebook and I sent a list of the bands that Monkey Dust cover to a venue so that they could do their chalk-board thingy. (He does a mean chalk-board. Might ask if I can share it here.)

Then I made my cup of tea (it’s a trigger), and set to with the ghostwriting, starting with the second half of Chapter 31. (1,058 words)

I cried off fat club and had a sandwich for dinner instead of a salad. And then, feeling as though I’d eaten a bag of stones, it was back to work. (We think bread might be my problem.)

The next thing I did was post the first of the two short stories and schedule it for next week, both on the website and on the blogletter. Then it was back to the ghostwriting for a bit.

I finished Chapter 32 (2,015 words) then I broke off and we went to get some tea. (It’s usually takeaway after fat club now as I’ve already been weighed.) After tea, I cracked on with Chapter 33. (2,049 words)

My interlude work between chapters was the last of the two short stories to schedule for next week, and then I called it a day on the scheduling. I managed one more chapter before running out of steam. (2,009 words)

I also wrote today’s blog post. (482 words)

Total words today = 7613


Today I am extremely busy. I have the ghostwriting to finish for Book 5 Part 4, and then that one’s done and dusted, apart from any revisions that may or may not come in. I also have a Wednesday writing prompts to write and schedule for next week.

Keep everything crossed, have a wonderful bank holiday weekend if you’re getting one, and a great week.