Today will be a long day

Image by Monoar Rahman Rony from Pixabay


I was still eating breakfast on Thursday morning when a text notified me that the plumber would be with us in 20 minutes to fix a faulty valve. Twenty minutes. So I quickly finished eating and got dressed and he arrived at the door at about the same time I arrived downstairs again.

This cut short my first handwriting Pomodoro and I didn’t manage as many words as I have been. He wasn’t here as long as I thought he would be though. And before I’d finished the Pomodoro, he was gone again.

My next job was publishing Chapter 7 of Project Management for Writers: Gate 1 on Medium. I should also have loaded C is for… Cayton Bay onto Medium, but I couldn’t justify the time spent sorting out the pictures and formatting it when I still have so much other work to do.

Before I started my client work, however, I did finally write Chapter 10 of Project Management for Writers: Gate 1, formatted it and sent it up to the poet for his input into Chapters 9 and 10.

I did 40 minutes of proofreading for a new client, and then it was back to the ghostwriting. However, I only wrote another chapter before having to go to fat club.

Here’s how Thursday went:

  • wrote 695 words of The Ace of Wands into the Tarot Tales exercise book (695 words)
  • formatted and published Chapter 7 for Project Management for Writers: Gate 1 on Medium
  • shared links for the Medium story on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook
  • added the new stories on Medium to the master index
  • wrote Chapter 10 of Project Management for Writers: Gate 1 (1,875 words)
  • 40 minutes of proofreading for a new client
  • added 2,032 words to ghostwriting gig #5 Part 2 (2,032 words)
  • wrote today’s blog (367 words)
  • went to fat club (lost ½lb)

Words written today = 4,969 words

I really need to claw back some time on this ghostwriting gig now. Otherwise, I’ll be late again, and that will have a knock-on effect with the next one too.

We have shopping to do tomorrow as well as another gig for Monkey Dust. As I have no wish to work at the weekend again, it’s going to be a loooooong day.

Have a great weekend.