New diary this week!

I started Monday off with some study time. I’ve downloaded 6 free courses from Reedsy that each consists of 10 x 5-minute ‘lessons’. So six of them equal 30 minutes of reading time.

By the time I’d done this, it was 10:30am and I was well into my ‘my work’ time.

Next up, I veered off into ‘client work’ territory and had a quick look at the outline for ghostwriting gig #6. I sent my feedback back, I wrote Monday’s blog post, and then I checked up on that support query with Draft2Digital. (No reply yet.)

I did some diary work, and by then it was dinnertime. So I stopped for dinner and sat at my desk entering competitions while I ate it. Then it was back to work and I did a quick 5-minute email declutter (timed).

Because I’d already spent some time on client work, I went back to my own work and did the three Medium stories. I went in and added links to and for the chapters that auto-posted at the weekend. And then I added the new stories to the relevant indexes.

Draft2Digital replied to my Tweet and then even went to make sure that my email from Friday was in the queue. (It was.) I thanked them for coming back to me and letting me know, and I deleted my chasing post on Facebook.

While I was working on something else, the support email reply came through, and then I was caught up in an exchange of messages. So I didn’t finish everything I wanted to finish by the end of the day. (Story of my life at the moment.)

As the contract didn’t arrive for ghostwriting gig #6, I didn’t start it yet after all.

Here’s how Monday went:

  • read 6 x free Reedsy writing course 5-minute instalments
  • read through outline for ghostwriting gig #6 and sent feedback to client
  • wrote yesterday’s blog post (969 words)
  • did my diary for the week, including…
  • … started new diary! (Yay!)¹
  • daily 5-minute email declutter
  • published Chapter 26 of Diary of a Scaredy Cat on Medium
  • published Chapter 27 of Night Crawler on Medium
  • published Careful What You Wish For on Medium
  • shared links for the Medium stories on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook
  • made the link for Night Crawler free to Facebook friends
  • added the new stories on Medium to the master index
  • liaised with Draft2Digital support techie
  • wrote today’s blog post (468 words)

Words written today = 1,437

¹Technically, I should be starting the new diary next week, as 1 July is on a Thursday this week. However, the diary nerd in me would far rather have empty pages at the end of an old diary than empty pages at the beginning of a lovely, new diary.

Today needs to be a big push on the ghostwriting (#5). But as the outline has yet to be approved, I’m struggling.