Plan for May 2021

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May might be a 31-day month, but with a bank holiday at either end and with me sticking to not working at the weekend, that gives me only 19 work days.

If I finish all of the writing that I have planned, both mine and the client’s, then the target word-count for May is 75,500 words. That’s just under 4,000 words per day. (gulp!) But … I can do that. I just need to stick to the three writing projects this month.

I was going to say that I’d bump it up in June. However, looking ahead, I only have 18 work days in June due to us having a week’s holiday at the start of the month. We also both have our second Covid jabs in June. So perhaps July will be the month to bump things up.

Here, then, is the plan for May:

My writing

  • Project Management for Writers – finish writing book 1 of 5 (18,000 words)
  • write 9,500 words for The Beast Within
  • step away from the self-published books
  • revise Project Management for Writers: Gate 1
  • publish Project Management for Writers: Gate 1

Client work

This is the work already in as at 1 May, and already anticipated to arrive before the end of the month.

  • finish editing non-fiction book for Yorkshire client
  • edit website content for Hong Kong client
  • finish & submit 1st ghostwriting instalment for Greece client, book #4 (20,000 words)
  • proofread Jun/July magazine for Hong Kong client
  • ghostwrite & submit 2nd instalment for Greece client, book #4 (20,000 words)


  • haircut (yay!)
  • lose weight
  • increase walks to 2½ miles

Over to you …

What are your plans for the month ahead?

4 thoughts on “Plan for May 2021

  1. As ever a great list, hope you manage to keep to your plans. I’m in a quandary just now. Scarborough book is going nowhere, 4 years and 40k words wasted. I’m thinking of returning to Rodders. He’s always there waiting in the background. Hey ho.

    1. I think you should just alternate between the two. When you run out of steam in Scarborough, switch to Rodders. When you get a bit stuck with him, switch back. Words written are never words wasted.

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