April wrap-up

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At the start of April, I rebooted my plan for the month and monthly wrap-up posts. I didn’t have a plan for March, and so I stated with my plan for April. Here’s how April went:

My writing
  • Camp NaNoWriMo – write 30,000 words ✖️
  • Project Management for Writers – finish writing book 1 of 5 ✖️
  • Publish Project Management for Writers: Gate 1 ✖️
  • Project Management for Writers – start writing book 2 of 5 ✖️
  • The Beast Within – finish entire detailed outline ✔️

My Camp NaNo project was also my first project management book, so neither of those were completed. However, my Camp NaNo target word-count for the month was 30,000, and I did write around 40,000 words over all of my projects, including some for the project management book.

Instead of writing the project management book, I faffed with all of my existing self-published books (see below).

I also spent more time than I’d planned writing the detailed outline for The Beast Within. I got a bit stuck in the middle. But it’s best to get stuck in the middle of the outline than in the middle of the actual writing, so I didn’t beat myself up too much about that.

And in any case, by the end of the month I was writing to the new outline for The Beast Within. Big ✔️ for me there.

Client work
  • edit May magazine for Hong Kong client ✔️
  • edit non-fiction book for Yorkshire client ✖️ (but started)
  • ghostwrite 3rd instalment for Greece client, book #3 ✔️
  • write blurb for Greece client, book #3 ✔️
  • proofread May magazine for Hong Kong client ✖️
  • ghostwrite 1st instalment for Greece client, book #4 (well, a sort of ✔️)

Because I was busy with other stuff, I didn’t even start the editing work until the last week of the month. I’m hoping that takes only a fortnight all together, if that long.

I had a bit of an altercation with the Hong Kong client, which I won’t go into detail on here other than he read an email of mine incorrectly and didn’t think I was going to do the proofreading on time. (I would have.)

However, by the end of the month, the June/July magazine had landed for editing, along with some website work he also wanted me to check through.

After I finished the third ghostwriting, I decided to take a few days before starting the next one. So by the last week of the month, I’d started the fourth ghostwriting gig, but I hadn’t finished the first instalment

  • hospital appointment ✔️
  • visit my mom before (it was on) her birthday ✔️
  • lose weight ✔️

These are all self-explanatory, but by the end of the month I’d lost 4½lb.


The jobs listed above are the ones I already had in at the start of the month. By the end of the month, two more jobs had come in on top of the extras I gave myself:

  • republish all of my self-published ebooks ✔️
  • republish two of my self-published paperbacks ✔️
  • give the website and blog a facelift – TWICE! ✔️
  • discover how to publish on WordPress straight from Classic Editor again ✔️
  • reboot the alphabet adventurers ✔️
  • edit Jun/Jul magazine for Hong Kong client ✔️

Again, these are pretty much self-explanatory.


We also managed to go on four walks during April:

  • Sherwood Forest (2.07 miles) ✔️
  • Scout Dike (1.92 miles) ✔️
  • Cleethorpes Boating Lake (2.10 miles) ✔️
  • Kingsbury Water Park (1.96 miles) ✔️

Even though I had a few crosses at the end of the month, most of which will be transferred to May, I also had a lot of ticks.

Over to you …

… how did your April go?

Score: ✔️ = 18 ✖️ = 6

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