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Book Review: Pirate Queens

This feature is in association with NetGalley. Pirate Queens by Rebecca Alexandra Simon Many thanks to both NetGalley and to Pen & Sword for letting me see an advance reader’s…

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Pumping up the busy

Image by David Bruyland from Pixabay Phew! This one’s a long read. I’d go and get a coffee if I were you… I’m back at work today, after a week’s…

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Moving back to KDP – for now

As we inch ever-closer to the 1,000 followers mark, so too do we get closer to the competition to win a bumper pack of all of my published paperbacks, including…

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More lovely publicity

The Cadbury book has certainly stirred up some interest. Not only did I get a photo-splash in the Daily Mail, but after I posted last time, the Daily Telegraph also…

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I was feeling overwhelmed last week, and started to steadily work through my outstanding piles of work. One of the jobs I did was send out a book proposal on…