Ghostwriting, proofreading & an interview

(Image by Please Don’t sell My Artwork AS IS from Pixabay)

This week seems to be dashing by in a bit of a blur …

For my first job on Monday, I caught up with diary work and scheduled the week ahead.

An addition this week was proofreading in from Hong Kong that arrived first thing Monday morning.

I wrote and scheduled a couple of quick blog posts, and then it was back to work.

The rest of the day was spent on the Regency ghostwriting gig, and I ended up writing very late into the night. I did it, though. By the end of my ‘working day’, the first instalment was off my desk.


After a very late night (I finally got to bed at 4am, as I don’t like to go to bed as soon as I’ve finished work), Tuesday morning didn’t really happen. I did manage to get up at around 10am, but I was useless until after dinner.

Before I had surfaced for the day, the ghostwriting client had authorised payment and the contract landed for the second instalment. This one has a deadline of 30 March. That gives me 9 working days again (starting today), at a rate of 2,223 words per day.

I spent the afternoon finalising an interview that I’m doing for a magazine (I’m the subject), and proofreading the April magazine for the Hong Kong client.


I was still a bit tired on Wednesday morning and had a bit of a lie-in. But once I made it to my desk, the first job I did was to catch up with some blog-post scheduling.

I found another artist on Pixabay whose work I quite like, but was disappointed to see that she has stopped loading new material due to people plagiarising it and claiming it as their own. This made me sad, and I decided to use as much of her work as I could in the right context, and ensure she gets the right credit too.

Wednesday’s post was illustrated with one of this artist’s images, and so is today’s. Today’s doesn’t really have anything to do with the topics herein. I just liked it. She trades as AnnaliseArt.

I spent an hour on date work on Wednesday for three reasons. (1) I hadn’t done any all week, (2) I had 8 days to look at instead of 7 (due to the 1st falling at the tail end of the previous week.) (3) I found another online holiday calendar that works for me.

When I catch up on this date work, it will become a regular, daily chore in the final week of each month. I’ll also revert back to using my two dates dictionaries alongside the online work. This is because the books contain a bit more meat. And I like the way they’re presented.

Wednesday turned out to be a bit of a variety kind of day, for next up was the interview for the magazine.

We were going to do this over the phone, but after I was so busy with the ghostwriting job, the editor said I could respond to his questions via email – I’d asked him for them in order to do some prep.

I actually spent more than 3½ hours on the interview, and by the time I’d finished, it was almost ‘home time’. So I called it a day.


Today I need to get back into the rhythm of work.

I want to start catching up on the writers’ guide, I want to carry on with the planning work for The Beast Within, I want to check the jobs boards, and I want to get back to the ghostwriting so that I’m not working through the night to meet the next deadline.

And then I have next week’s diary to plan too.