Stormy night

Image by janrye from Pixabay

We had a heavy storm overnight on Wednesday. It was more windy than rainy, but I liked this image above as soon as it popped up.

Wistfully we said it was good that we didn’t have to worry about any chickens or the greenhouse blowing away. But I do think it spooked the animals a bit. They were both very restless, and that meant that so were we.

By yesterday morning, it seemed to have blown itself out a bit. There was a lot of leaf litter about. We should really turn our minds towards clearing the lawns at the front of the house as they’re looking a bit scruffy now.

Overnight, during snatches of sleep, I had a bit of a brain murmur moment (lightbulb), and I came up with not one but two locations on which to base my fictional closed communities. One is in the midlands, the other is on the coast. I’m also toying with a third up north.

These are all locations I know very well, or used to know well. And first job at my desk was to go and grab some picture postcards and a couple of touristy maps to save to my images file.

Before hitting my desk, however, I checked my emails, social media, the job boards and the bank.

The first focused job of the day was the date work, and this time I set a Pomodoro to keep me doing just this for at least 25 minutes at a time. I’m trying to do a week a day, and after the first Pomodoro, I’d checked 5 days. Such a shame I couldn’t manage all 7 within the Pomodoro.

I’m very slowly catching up with this. It used to be a regular monthly job that seems to have fallen by the wayside. But in the past, most of my successes have been inspired by my date work.

In March, I should be thinking September and querying August, but at the moment I’m still on July. I only have one week left, though, and it’s only a 6-day week. By next week I should be looking at August, and by week ending 2 April, I should have just about caught up.

After I’ve searched the dates against years that might be of interest, i.e. in various multiples of 5 or 10 rather than random years, then I first take a green highlighter and select any that interest me.

Once I’ve done that, I take an orange highlighter and select my ‘throwaways’. Then, when the time comes, I choose up to 3 to share on the blog.

The next job of the day was the cosy mystery ghostwriting. I think that this might be too English for the client, but we shall see. They set it could be set in any town anywhere.

And finally, I finished with a session on the regency ghostwriting gig.

Today I need a good go at both of the ghostwriting gigs, but I can see me working at the weekend to meet the deadlines now. (One is Sunday, the other is Monday.)

Whatever you’re doing this weekend, have a good one!

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  1. Unfortunately not doing so much writing but catching up on some reading. We’re busy re-designing the front garden and having lights put in. We live in a dark corner. We did choose the right week and weather didn’t we!!

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