New regime

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After all of my planning work last week, the new regime starts today. Before I started any of it, however, I had some admin to look after.

First of all, the poet’s COVID jabs letter came through and he booked both of his appointments. Both of those went into my diary. Then I had a new appointment come through from the hospital.

I thought the next time I was there it would be for the operation, but they’ve booked me in to actually see the consultant this time. The last consultation I had with him was over the phone, so perhaps he’d like to see me now that the risk factors are hopefully dropping off.

So those details went into the diary as well. Then my COVID jabs letter came in and I booked my two appointments. So those also went into the diary.

And then there were some return-to-senders I had to write out. The people who lived in this house before us were here for 5 years, and I’m used to returning their mail. But we’ve started to get letters addressed to someone else who may have been here before they were.

So I’m sending those back too. If I get any more, I might open one, just to make sure they’re not claiming to still live here for anything financial.

And before all of that, I checked social media, emails and the bank.


The admin and this blog took up the first hour of my working session. The rest of my day (and every day this week) looks a bit like this:

  • 1 hour date work
  • Book 1 of the new writers’ guide series
  • The Beast Within – planning work
  • check job boards
  • new ghostwriting sample chapter
  • current ghostwriting gig

On Thursday, I add diary work to that list.

I’d best crack on …

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