It’s beginning to look a lot like …

… Christmas!

Friday turned out to be busier than I initially expected. I had to step away from the Canva and get on with some work, or I’d be doing it all weekend.

Blog planning

I started some blog planning work, both for this year and for next. I saved the templates I want to use for the whole year, but I also had a bit of a doodle for the rest of this month.

We both actually break up from work next Thursday, so I only have a week-and-a-half to go. But I might have a go at scheduling some posts and see how that goes. If it goes well, I might plan more for the new year.


My admin work included the diary for this week, invoicing (hurrah!), and a small government grant application that was successful.


I edited one article for the India client, but I found out this morning that I’d missed off a link and some anchor text. So I did that first today, and sent them a version 2. I was in such a rush, I completely forgot about the link. Tut, tut!

I had ten articles in from the Hong Kong client and I worked my way through those. I printed them all off and did the hard copy edit in the morning, and I did the screen edits later in the afternoon.

I checked the job boards, but there was nothing that took my fancy.

We nipped out at dinner time and last Friday was takeaway Friday for tea. So while I carried on working, the poet went to get our tea, and I managed so much that by the time we’d finished eating tea, I only had one article to finish off and send.

Festive shopping

The only writing work I did on Friday was blog work. The poet was working at home, and at dinner time (midday), we popped out to get our Christmas tree and some logs for the fires. I think this is the earliest that we’ve ever bought the tree.

While we were out, we also bought the Christmas postage stamps and we posted the Christmas cards.

The weekend

Most of Saturday was taken up with shopping, and on Sunday we put the tree up. We also treated ourselves to new Christmas jumpers, as the ones we already have are starting to look a little tired.

The poet finalised the sound-track for the next Monkey Dust video, and sent it to the rest of the band for them to film their videos. I’m not allowed to say which song it is yet … It’s a secret! 🤫

All over the weekend, we had proper fires in both the front room (to which we poshly and tongue-in-cheek refer to as the drawing room) and the back room (which we call the day room, same tongue in same cheek).

And, because we were in the festive mood, we watched Last Christmas.