My new office

I always wanted one of those offices that were next to the front door, at the bottom of the stairs. And now I have one. (See first picture.)

The room is still looking a bit bare. There should be 2 noticeboards on that wall and a calendar – if you look closely, you can see the calendar on top of the trays on the right-hand pedestal.

Everything else usually on or around my desk is there, although one of the pictures may also go up on that wall.

The yellow A5 book is my academic year diary. It runs from July 2020 to July 2021 and has a day to a page with appointments. This is my usual diary of choice, but it’s the first time I’ve ever had a yellow one. I think I want yellow diaries all the time now!

The black leather A4 folder beneath the diary is where my hard-copy editing or proofreading is kept. Currently, The Life of Richard Cadbury is in there. The folder is one I was given when I worked for the National Grid back in the early 1990s.

The 2 peahen feathers are from our last-but-one house where there was a tribe of resident peafowl. Our new village also has resident peafowl that roam the streets and walk out in front of oncoming traffic. They have no road sense at all. We might get pictures soon.

The keyboard and mouse are game hardware. These were a gift off the poet when the ones that came with the computer were too flimsy and too wi-fi. When you’re using them all the time, wireless keyboards and mice don’t last long enough and don’t react quick enough.

My new ones are sturdy, the keyboard is a real keyboard and not a key pad, and they light up.  Oh yes, and they don’t keep running out of power and they react immediately.

There, next to the radiator, is Lord Rufus. That’s not really his basket, but he likes it and even when we bring his own basket into the office, he still gets into this one.

The wallpaper on my computer is a snowy scene, and my screensaver is falling snow against the same backdrop that settles at the bottom. That’s how much I love snow!

At the other end of the office is my reading nook. (See below.) Again, I’ve always wanted a fireside/wingback chair in the office for when I’m reading. And now I have one in the right place, although it could do with a good clean!

The lamp is a project lamp that we bought with some Christmas money off my parents a few years ago. It’s portable, so we can both use it. It uses daylight bulbs.

The pedestal is from a desk set I treated myself to about 25 years ago. There are 2 other pedestals left from this set, but they’re up in the poet’s studio.

My printer should be on this pedestal, but I can’t get the wi-fi to work on it, so it’s currently on the left-hand pedestal on my desk and connected to the computer with a cable. Ideally, those blue baskets, which have also been with me for a very long time, should be on the desk. But until I can get the printer to work wirelessly, they’ll have to stay where they are.

There’s a wall clock in the top basket (“post out”) that a friend made for me about 30 years ago. There are cats at the quarter hours and paw prints for the in-betweens. We haven’t decided where this one’s going yet, as I also have a clock on my desk. But it usually goes on a wall somewhere. Once it has found its home, I’ll take a picture.

The shelf unit needs to go onto the wall. It usually holds all of my current notebooks containing work in progress. At the moment, those are all still in a box.

Leaning up against the wall you can see my murder board (see this post). That’s where it’s going, behind the door, where I can sit in the fireside chair and gaze at it, hoping for inspiration. The pen shelf for the murder board is in the bookcase on the middle shelf.

And finally, in the bottom left-hand corner, you can see the other end of the dog’s basket (just).

This is where I work.

2 thoughts on “My new office

  1. Glad the move has gone so well and everyone, including Lord Rufus, have settled in well. The office and reading corner look great. Hope by now the buttock has much improved!! Start running up and down those stairs a few times a day, you’ll soon see the fitness levels rise.
    Take care both. x

    1. Ha ha ha – me, running up and down the stairs. I have a knee too, you know! 🙂 The buttock is easing, thanks, but it’s still there.

      By the way, we’re less than an hour apart, apparently! x

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