Purging and packing

The end of last week was mostly spent on a client job, which I got back to the client during Friday evening. We had a discussion too about either me rejigging my diary for him or him sending me the work on a different day.

I tend to do client work of an afternoon, but that means that this particular client doesn’t get his work back until much later in the evening as they’re two hours ahead of us. As most of his deadlines are Fridays, and as sometimes I don’t get around to client work until an evening, we need to revisit his allocated time slots.

He released payment first thing Saturday morning, though, so that will be here by Thursday of this week.

The weekend was spent packing – again. Because yes, we’re moving – again. I’m sick of moving and we were hoping the next time would be the last time. But maybe that will happen this next time instead.

The last few times we’ve moved we’ve not bothered purging because we’ve always thought there would be plenty of time to do that once we’ve settled. But, of course, that time never comes.

So, this time we’re purging at the same time that we’re packing. We’ve already filled up one large wheelie bin with stuff we’ve been carrying from house to house to house, and there’s still a lot to get through.

Some of the bedding needs replacing now, but instead of buying that before we move, we’re going to buy it after we move. That means that each time we change the bed, the old bedding is going straight in the bin so we’re not taking it with us to throw away at the other end.

We also cleared out a load of clothes that neither of us has worn for a Very Long Time.

We’ll do a bit every day now, but we have four weeks to leave this place empty, clean and tidy, and we have a two-week overlap.

I’ve already had a strong discussion with our broadband provider. I’ve told them that I need to have access to the internet until the end of Friday 28 August. I chose this day because I was breaking up for a week’s holiday then anyway.

To make sure that the internet isn’t switched off until after I’ve finished with it, we’ve booked it to turn off on Monday 31 August, which is a bank holiday. Hopefully, it will be on at the other side by Wednesday 2 September, which is in the middle of my week off.

I may be quite flexible about where I can work, but I do need internet access so that I can work. And it seems there’s good internet infrastructure where we’re going too, so that should save me a LOT of time throughout my usual working day while I wait for the internet to catch up with me all the time.

First job this morning was a trip to the vet for the dog. He’s fine, we just wanted them to look at his teeth as we think they might need cleaning, and his eyes as we think he’s growing cataracts.

I had to park in a retail park across the road from the vet and ring them to let them know we were there. Then, when they were ready to see us, they called me back and we were able to go to the door. Here I put my mask on, and they retained a proper distance between me and the consultation room.

Rufus, of course, thoroughly enjoyed his visit, seeing three people and a three-legged cat. They weighed him (he’s put on 2kg 😲) and they gave him a thorough going over and the upshot is he’s in very good shape.

His teeth do need cleaning, but there’s no urgency there yet, which is good for a 9-year-old. And he is developing cataracts, but there’s no urgency there either. He’s not overweight or underweight, and he’s generally in good health.

So we left and went back to the car, and when we got home he had a nice treat for being a good boy.

By the time we got back, there was no new work for me, so the next thing I did was check the job boards. There was nothing of interest there for me today.

I did some admin, and then I had an early dinner. I’ll work on my own stuff this afternoon.