Camp NaNoWriMo – Day 12

After all of my bluster about starting the day writing, on the very first day I failed spectacularly.

Friday was a Very Busy Day. The poet’s car was due in for its MOT. I had a hair appointment. And it was deadline day for the Greek client, and he’d asked for an early submission if possible rather than a later one.

The first thing I did was check-in with the content editing site, but once again there was no work there for me. Then I managed to do a little work before following the poet to the garage, but as I knew my work would be disturbed, I made it the client job instead of my writing work.

However, when we got to the garage, the woman had told the poet the wrong date, or had put it in the book wrong. It was scheduled for next Friday instead of this Friday. So we have to do all of that again next week.

On the bright side, we were supposed to go back later to collect the car, but this at least meant that the afternoon was free after all.

I had about 45 minutes in which to do a little more work, and then it was off to the hairdresser for my first post-lockdown appointment.

When I got home again, it was head down to finish the client work, which I did. And then I settled down to do some writing.

I made us a cup of tea each with a biscuit, then it was fingers stretched, timers on … etc, etc.

I managed to write 2,049 words, which took me into the weekend with a running total of 25,284 words so far and gave me a typing speed of 25 words per minute!

No wonder the little man is sleepy!

word meter from Writertopia

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