Camp NaNoWriMo – Day 13

On Saturday we managed to get out for another bit of a drive. We ended up in Lincoln, as I’ve never been before.

We had a lovely meal at a pavement table, as we had the dog with us, and even the slight drop of rain didn’t spoil it.

We’d managed to sit at the only table that was sheltered. Everyone else dashed inside.

The rest of the weekend was pretty idle, to be honest.

I didn’t manage to keep my 7½lb off for weigh-day (Saturday). In fact, I’d put another 2lb back on! And I forgot to log my weight. On Monday morning, it reminded me.

So I weighed myself again, and this time I was back to 7lb off. That one definitely went onto the log and I won my first ½-stone award.

They don’t seem to give the digital members digital stickers or certificates, so I had to grab this one from the website and snip-and-sketch it. Apologies for the poor quality. But wouldn’t it be grand if Slimming World did provide jpgs for sharing on social media?

And yes, yes, yes, I did say before that I wasn’t prepared to give the diet industry another penny. But I’ve tried everything else, so now I’m combining low sugar with low fat and high fibre and hoping the Syns take care of the carbs.

I have a busy week ahead, and I also have to fit work in too. The new assignment from the Greek client arrived very early Saturday morning, so that was already in for me to start on Monday.

When I checked into the content-editing job, there were two articles there waiting for me. As I was late to my desk, I did those first.

Then I had my dinner break.

First job of the afternoon was grabbing the work off the Greek client, and merging it into one file for me to work on.

And then I did my daily writing.

I managed 1,977 words, and my speed is now, apparently, 26 words per minute … (goes off to see what it was last week …) Yup, that’s another 1-word increase! This time I was in Birmingham in December 1974, four days before Christmas. Or I was in my story.

Last job of the day was starting the new file from Greece.

Errands and things to do this week include:

  • awaiting a delivery for the poet (should have arrived yesterday, but didn’t …)
  • fielding phone calls for the poet
  • taking my car for its MOT
  • a telephone hospital consultation
  • taking the poet’s car in for its MOT

And, of course, work.

But hey, look! I’m 63% through my July writing target. This makes me smile. A lot.

word meter from Writertopia