Wednesday 13 November 2019

As it happened, I did remember to schedule yesterday’s post for 8 o’clock in the morning, but for some reason, it didn’t.

I have today checked the settings, and the only thing that was incorrect was the local time. But that was an hour earlier than what it actually is, so it still should have posted by 8am at least.

How curious.

Anyway, it posted in the end – well, I forced it to via the mobile app. But I will have to keep an eye on that in future.

The other thing I’ve had to do is switch back to the classic editor on here. The block editor is working, but it has a mind of its own a lot of the time and I really don’t have the luxury of time at the moment to spend trying to force it to do what I want it to do instead of what it wants to do.

The old way wasn’t really broken, though, so I don’t know why they felt the need to fix it. Perhaps it was too easy for people like me to grasp. 

And I really don’t have the luxury of time on my side. Yes, I am still busy on the Cadbury book. But “…read a book, wrote some notes …” gets a bit repetitive after a while when that’s all I’m currently doing.

Actually, I’m also composing at the same time now, as time is running out. I should have time at the end of the month to do an edit and to do the last of the admin for the book, such as getting permissions for certain things.

Yesterday morning was mostly admin anyway. I’ve asked another publisher if they’ll consider a previously self-published book and I did another quick job search but didn’t find anything that paid a decent rate. 

I went down my Amazon content and removed all of the NetGalley books I’ve already read and given feedback for. And I did all of my daily jobs and chores.

Yesterday afternoon was mostly the Cadbury book. And any times in between are also the Cadbury book. If I’m not writing up notes for the Cadbury book, I’m reading new books and coming up with other notes. And I’m checking research facts as I go along.

Today’s jobs will be more of the same: admin and chores in the morning; writing in the afternoon.