Wednesday 25 September 2019

Over breakfast yesterday, I finished the NetGalley book I was reading and I wrote up today’s Pomodoros. That meant the first job at my desk was a 500-word blog post and my daily warm-up.

The next thing I did was write up the report for this week’s writers’ group meeting. I had 25 minutes of social media, 25 minutes of job searching, and I pitched for one ghostwriting job.

Then I wrote up the latest diary of a novel blog post, and I added 2,687 words to one of the writers’ guides. For my morning session, I wrote almost 4,000 words. Not bad.

I did some more reading and writing for the Cadbury book in the afternoon, and I added 897 words. This is quite good as I’m also doing the reading and note-taking. Once the reading is finished, this should speed up.

For my last two Pomodoros of the day, the plan was to do some planning work on both The Fool and The Beast Within. All I actually managed was some scene-changing on The Fool and more reading for The Beast Within.

I also accidentally started the next NetGalley book …

Today’s plan is to write up that NetGalley review, then after my usual social media, job searching and job pitching, it’s back to Richard Cadbury for the afternoon.