Book review: Wrapped up for Christmas

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Wrapped up for Christmas, Katlyn Duncan
Thanks to NetGalley and to HQ Digital for an advance copy of Wrapped up for Christmas.

I love Christmas and I loved this book. I also loved the concept and the double meaning of “wrapped up”.

After a disastrous relationship, Angie has come back to her home town to lick her wounds and rebuild her life. Yet the first thing she seems to do is want to walk into another potentially damaging relationship.

Touching base with her family and friends and accepting a temporary holiday job keep her grounded for a while. But before long she’s back in the will-he-won’t-he/does-he-doesn’t-he mindset and Christmas for at least two people looks to be ruined.

The story is very well-written, if a little bitty and disjointed in places, which could be down to the editing. I got confused with all of the family and friends as some of the names were so similar (Emilia, Emma and Maria, for example for Angie, plus several different names for her grandparents, and the Kents and Trent for Nick, and there was a Jeremy, a Jared and a James too).

I also thought the “misunderstanding” was stretched a bit too far, possibly to meet a certain word-count, I felt very sorry for Nick who, I believe, didn’t do anything wrong at all, and I’m afraid I wouldn’t have had his patience with Angie.

But it’s a good story with some good characters, and it certainly put me in the mood for Christmas this year a few months too early.