Wednesday 18 September 2019

So yesterday, this happened. I finished my 14 Days to a Solid Writing Habit FREE course from WritersHQ and I was rewarded with this shiny new badge to display on my blog/Facebook/whatever. I do like a nice badge to display on my whatever.

It was a good morning yesterday. I started with my first 25 minutes on social media, emailed the Australian client with a niggle (I had a niggle, the client didn’t …), wrote up and posted this week’s writers’ group report, wrote up and posted yesterday’s writing diary, reviewed the latest book I’d read for NetGalley, and I joined a shiny new thread over at the WritersHQ secret forum.

I was, however, slightly late going for my dinner break as, once again, my internet was running on steam and a speed test returned a download speed of 0.06 Mbps and an upload speed of 0.02 Mbps. Did I say running on steam? Running on fresh air, more like. And I had to ring up our internet provider.

We (him and I) were on the phone for the best part of the next hour and I had to run around the house pressing buttons, resetting boxes and moving equipment. Finally, we thought we’d resolved it but, quite frankly, I’d run out of time. And while we’d squeezed a few more Mbps out of the system, at least I could get on with some work.

Well, dear reader, today I can happily report that those speeds are currently 21.8 Mbps download and 6.34 Mbps upload.

The call knocked me off kilter for the rest of the day, but I did finish the last two days exercises for the 14 Days … course, I heard back from the Australian client and carried out my suggested alterations, and I opened the Richard Cadbury Scrivener file and added all of the chapter headings.

Today, I’m changing my Pomodoro breaks to 5 minutes instead of 10 minutes and my first Pomodoro of the day is deciding what work to do in each Pomodoro. The next Pomodoro will be my 25 minutes social media fix, one of them is this blog post, and the rest will be reading x 2 then writing + 1 until I finish work at 5pm.

The reading Pomodoros will be research work, the writing Pomodoros will be jotting down my interpretations and understandings. This will give me the basis for my first draft of the Cadbury book.