Friday 13 September 2019

My first 25 minutes yesterday were spent looking at houses. We’re not planning on moving any time soon, but I do like to keep an eye on the market and I needed to clear a load of sold properties out of my RightMove account.

The next 25 minutes were spent on my social media morning fix.

A new proofreading job came in yesterday morning, but there’s no rush. I had told him I could probably get it back to him by midday today but he’s still awaiting illustrations and he said I could take my time. I printed this off and put it in my WiP folder.

am enjoying being a full-time writer at the moment, but the money from the editing and proofreading jobs is always useful and I had to turn a load away for two months while I work on the Cadbury book.

I spent some time tidying up my job board directory on the portable hard-drive, as I’m using this now for my main storage. I also cleared some old emails and filed those I want to keep in folders.

The poet had a raft of dates for my diary, and most of one Pomodoro was spent doing that. I also wrote a blog post.

During the afternoon, one Pomodoro was spent adding 904 words to The Fool. Then I wrote the diary of a pocket novel blog post.

When the poet finished work, we did a big chunk of work together for Richard Cadbury. I have to take the two over-sized volumes back to Woodbrooke College at the weekend, so we scanned in the relevant pages so I wouldn’t wonder if I’d missed something.

The poet held the book in place over the scanner while I clicked the buttons on the computer and saved the pages. I have to call the college to make sure there will be someone there to accept the books from us.

Yesterday’s 14 Days … exercise was all about allowing ourselves to daydream. Yesterday’s writing sprint was spent writing one of the blog posts.

This morning I’m expecting delivery of a new internet router, then at 12:30 I have a hair appointment. I want to do more work on the Cadbury book, and I’d like to do some reading for NetGalley.

I’ve had quite a few Christmas books sent to me for review and I’ve not even read last year’s Christmas books yet. So I want to finish the book I’m on and then work backwards on the Christmas books, most recent first.

I have today’s 14 Days … unit to study. I might call my time writing this blog a writing sprint as the whole idea of the course is to show up and write. Well, I’ve showed up every week day so far this month.

As we’re going to Birmingham at the weekend, the poet wants to take some photographs for the Cadbury book and we’ll nip in and see my mom.

Monkey Dust are playing a rare Friday gig in Doncaster this evening, which won’t give me any time this evening to tie up any loose ends, so I’m going to crack on and get on.

Have a great weekend.

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