More lovely publicity

The Cadbury book has certainly stirred up some interest. Not only did I get a photo-splash in the Daily Mail, but after I posted last time, the Daily Telegraph also featured the book! I am absolutely over the moon.

See the Daily Mail feature here. See the Daily Telegraph feature here.

There are others popping up too, all over the place. It’s starting to feature on book-blogs and in other book-sellers.

The other bit of good news is that the book will soon be published in paperback and can be pre-ordered. You can see the hardback here, and the paperback here.

Aside from all of this giddy publicity, I’ve been working Very Hard.

Well, all right then, we did have a long weekend for the poet’s birthday, so this has been a 3-day week for me, and we are having another long weekend for my birthday at the end of next week, so a 4-day week the week after … but apart from that, I’ve been working Very Hard.

I’ve tentatively approached an organisation regarding the next book I’ll hopefully be writing for Pen & Sword – the next two books, in fact. They’re very keen to help, and I’m just waiting for the contract before arranging the initial visit.

I’ve been editing a book this week, for lovely-already-boss, and I have a new one in from a fairly new boss to edit next week.

At some point, I may be able to squeeze in some actual writing … Have a great weekend!

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  1. So pleased for your fantastic news about the Cadbury book. Good luck with the others!

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