NaNoWriMo 2018 – days 9, 10, 11 & 12

I hit my weekly target by the end of Thursday evening. I’d planned to take Sunday off, but as things transpired, I had 3 days off! But as I’d hit my weekly target by the end of Thursday, I didn’t beat myself up too much over it.

Friday was a sad day as one of our chickens died. We’d been nursing her for several weeks, so it wasn’t a surprise. It was just so very sad.

On Friday evening until Saturday morning, we had company. So I was busy Friday first nursing the chicken and then getting stuff ready for our guest.

We all had a great evening, eating Chinese food, watching football on telly (the poet and Son #1) and reading (me). On Saturday we were going out walking, but the poet didn’t really fancy it (honestly, since he had that flu jab the other week he’s not been right at all), and then Son #1 said he could just as easily go and meet up with some of his mates in town and watch another football game with them.

Before he left, though, we lost another chicken. That was 2 chickens in 2 days and, until bedtime Thursday evening, there wasn’t even anything wrong with this one. So that was both sad and a shock.

The rest of Saturday was spent cleaning out the chicken house, chucking all the old food out, washing the feeding dishes, disinfecting everything, putting clean bedding down and generally keeping a close eye on our last 2 hens. We also let them wander around the garden, and they seemed very happy about that.

On Sunday we went visiting ourselves, and by the time we got back, I really didn’t feel up to working. And anyway, I’d already hit my weekly target by the end of Thursday … (Did I already mention that?)

Today I’ve been busy catching up with work and NaNo finally got picked up for a couple of hours this afternoon. And I’m delighted to say I’m back on track and still look like meeting the 50,000-word deadline early.

It was mostly scene work today, the rest of Act II Part I and the start of Act II Part II.

I’m almost at the halfway point with 3 days still to go. So yes, I suppose I’m still happy with that.

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4 thoughts on “NaNoWriMo 2018 – days 9, 10, 11 & 12

  1. Sorry about the chucks. Perhaps the second one was pining? Well done on meeting your target early on Thursday. Yes, you mentioned that once or twice!

    1. We just hope they haven’t caught anything. There was a robin trapped in the run about 2 weeks ago, and then on Thursday the farmer sprayed his field that comes right up to our back door nearly – we’re hoping it wasn’t a nasty weedkiller …
      Your blog isn’t letting me comment … but I *am* reading it and am jealous of your visit to Central Park. 🙂

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