NaNoWriMo 2018 – day 13

I didn’t get around to NaNo until quite late on this afternoon. I’ve been in correspondence with various people, including editing and proofreading clients as well as the publisher of my Cadbury book.

The great news is, my book has arrived on the publisher’s desk! And they’re very happy with the result. I can hardly wait until I see my own copies and can feel them in my hands!

We also discussed a few other things, and I’m going to work on a couple of new proposals for them. This is also good news as it means they’re happy enough with the current project that’s about to come out.

Proofreading-wise, I am in the middle of possibly one of the biggest books I’ve ever proof-read for anyone. It’s not far off 500 pages and it’s very, very slow going. As soon as I’ve finished this one, I start another rush job for them, and then I have an editing job from them too.

I’ve also started to get some new work in as well. I’m certainly very busy at the moment.

And this is why I didn’t get around to NaNo until quite late in the day. But I did it, and I’m almost done with Act II Part II. I will probably have too many scenes for this section, but I think it’s always much better to cut than it is to pad.

I’ve also cleared the 30,000-word mark, which is around 9,000 more words than I should be on Day 13. I expect I’ll have too many words in the end as well but, again, I can cut for England when necessary.

Not a bad day, then. Onwards and upwards.

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