Dear Cosmos – enough, thank you.

No takers so far.

I’ll be honest. We’ve not had a great few weeks.

Hot on the heels of moving house, we lost a chicken, gave a cockerel away, the dog disappeared for three hours, we suffered a major family bereavement, and we had a bit of a health scare.

We still have a funeral to attend and we are in a financial battle for the return of some money we are owed.

On top of that, the high temperatures have been relentless – and are set to continue for at least another week – and we’re not getting any visitors to our uber-stocked bird table.

I’ve not completed much work for several weeks and, therefore, don’t have any outstanding invoices.

Therefore, we’d like to say to the Cosmos: “Hello, we love you, but we’ve had enough. Please can we have something nice happen now? Thank you.”

We DO have birdlife around the new house. We can hear the greenfinch. There’s a family of pied wagtails bobbing around. Mister and Missus Blackbird have been seen pecking for worms in the parched grass. There are hirundines over the cornfield at the back and side of the house. The poet has seen a goldfinch. We have doves and wood pigeons on the telegraph wires. We have a canal, a river and a lake close by where we’ve seen herons (and an adder).

AND we are very privileged to have a family of swallows in the porch. Apparently it’s their third year. Isn’t this supposed to be lucky?

So we know they’re out there. Please come and visit our bird table. It’s heaving under the weight of lovely, juicy goodies.

I spent most of last week fielding phone calls around editing a book. I didn’t switch the computer on and kept my head down. I desperately needed to finish something.

The good news is, I did finish that hard-copy edit. And on Saturday we were able to attend the Theakston’s Old Peculier Crime Writing Festival in Harrogate. The poet had bought us a day-rover ticket each for Saturday for my birthday (in March), and Son #2 and his girlfriend (mostly his girlfriend, as it turned out!) looked after the dog for us.

We managed five events on Saturday, walked out of one because it grew too warm, and walked out of another because it started to get political. We were there for a literary event and not to watch panelists hurl abuse and cast aspersions.

Aside from that, and having to wait in Betty’s world famous tea rooms for more than 20 minutes for a cup of stewed tea and a piece of cake, we thoroughly enjoyed the day, coming home with a bulging goody bag each filled with books.

We were going to nip back to Harrogate for the last few events on Sunday, but in the end we had the day off and caught up on some much-needed jobs around the home, as well as some much-needed R&R. We even managed some reading. You know, for pleasure.

There are 4 chicks in this swallow nest, and 2 very busy parents are here from dusk to dawn.

This, of course, means that I have another very busy week ahead. I need to transfer the edits I did to the electronic version of the book and send it back to lovely already client. And then I have to start the next one.

I’m almost ready to do my next book review for NetGalley, and then I’ll take it from there.

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