Book review: Game Players

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Game Players, Anita Waller
Thanks to NetGalley and to Bloodhound Books for an advance copy of Game Players by Anita Waller.

This was my first meeting with Anita Waller, and I have to say I did enjoy the fast pace, the twists and the turns of this “gripping thriller”. I also enjoyed the Sheffield setting, although people outside of South Yorkshire need to know that Yorkshire folk don’t just shorten the word “the”, they omit it altogether. So the “t’-this” and the “t-that” interfered with the narrative a little. Yes, they even drop the “t”.

The book raced along and kept me turning pages … until what I felt was a clumsy twist. Right up until the point whereby Kenny received his email I was there, all the way. But I was so disappointed that one of my first thoughts was actually a major plot twist that I almost gave up as it did feel a tad contrived.

I *did* get over it, though, and I did enjoy the rest, but I felt that the author rushed the wrap-up at the end and I’m not sure the church meeting was in the right place.

Great storyline otherwise, though. Great characters. Great setting.