A new office

So I have a desk in the dining room overlooking the bird table in the garden. The desk is of a very dark oak and it goes very well with the rest of the dining furniture. It’s a bit cold and drafty, I have to have a fan heater on most of the time, but since we put some heavy curtains up at the window and over what used to be the door to the kitchen, it’s warmed up a bit.

The poet has his setup in the third bedroom. It’s a bit like being in the turret of a castle, as he’s on the corner of the house with a window looking down the drive and another looking over the garden and farmyard beyond. It’s very small and we can’t both work or sit in there at the same time.

And we have this spare bedroom that has a double bed in it, a pair of bedside tables, a large chest of drawers, a small wardrobe, a television and a 2-seater settee. This room is hardly ever used, other than as a glorified laundry for drying the washing on clothes horses and very, very occasionally when we have a visitor or two. (At Christmas we had five visitors, but we managed.)

On Good Friday we went out to look at some office furniture with a view to – in the future – swapping the double bed in the spare bedroom for a 2-seater sofa-bed and putting two desks in there …

… but we ended up buying two desks, four pedestal units, a bookcase and two wheely-chairs.

The new furniture arrives on Wednesday and before then we have to get the surplus furniture out of the spare room and either into the third bedroom or our bedroom.

Easter Saturday was spent rearranging the furniture in our bedroom and moving the small wardrobe in from the spare bedroom.

We decided to take Easter Sunday off and just chill.

Easter Monday will be spent making room in the spare bedroom – and this means cleaning, dusting, vacuuming, everything.

It means, though, that when he’s recording anything in his studio, or if he’s editing the videos for the Alphabet Adventurer vlogs, or if he’s just doing photography stuff, I can still go and sit with him and read or watch telly. It also means that if I’m working on anything to catch up or meet a deadline, he can come and sit with me and either mess at his own desk or just watch telly too.

And it means that if one or the other of us is working, we don’t have to be isolated from the other. Plus, sometimes he does his day-job from home too, and he’s been doing that at the dining table, which isn’t the best way to do it.

Hopefully it will make us both produce a little more work and we’ll watch less telly. I miss reading for pleasure, too, so I’m hoping I can do more of that as well.

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