The end is nigh

… well, I say the end is nigh when really what I mean is the end of the writing part is nigh.

For the past two weeks I’ve been in the writing cave, trying to finish the history book. Last week I managed to pop up for air and come in to say hello with the odd update or two. This week I feel as though I’ve been under water the whole time.

So, before I head in there once again for the last push, I thought I’d nip in here first.

I had too many words and still had lots to include. So the first thing I did was start to add the extra bits. Then when I’d had enough of that, or needed to refill the creative well, I did some pruning.

I added 12,000 words. Then I pruned 9,000 words. Then I added a few more, and then I lost a few more.

The current state of play with just one more chapter to complete and one chapter to add a little to (if I have space) is that I’m over by 800 words. I probably have around a thousand words to add today, then I’ll go through cutting bits here and there.

I’ve been editing and proofreading as I go, a chapter at a time before marking each chapter as “done” on my Scrivener index cards. So I’ll do a scan read-through, then I’ll choose the illustrations and write the captions.

That’s quite a lot of work in one day, but I promised them the bulk of the book by Easter and, hopefully, they’re going to get it.

I’ve had to leave a ton of stuff out, enough material for at least another … four or five books. If ever I do a sequel with another organisation, I shall probably feel as though I’ve been spoilt this time with so much information available and such approachable people.

The ONLY thing missing is a foreword. But I have a contact and I didn’t want to write to him until I had a fair copy of the book I could email him if he asked. All being well, that letter will also go off today.

And then – and THEN – we’re off for a week! Well, ten days actually.

I’m looking forward to a rest, and I’m looking forward to writing some fiction. I’m also looking forward to ticking this stage of the job off the to-do list.

It won’t be ending there, though. Then, hopefully, if it’s acceptable, the book will go in to the editing process. It will be sent to an editor who will go through it and send any edits or queries back to me.

Once the editing part is complete, it will go for setting, and then the proofreading rounds start.

When the proofreading is complete and the layout looks good, an index will be created and added …

… and then when it’s published, the marketing will begin.

But until then, at least this part of the end is nigh … It’s all very exciting!

How are your projects going? Is there light at the end of your tunnel? Or are you looking forward to starting something new? Answers below, as usual, and thank you for reading.

2 thoughts on “The end is nigh

  1. The WIP is up and down. On a downer just now, but it will change I know. Congratulations on your hard work.
    By the way – Are you voting for my cover?? 😀

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