I found my writing mojo

This time last week I was feeling a bit annoyed with myself. I’d not done any proper work for a few weeks. So I pulled up my socks and gave myself a kick up the bum.

Tasks and chores around the house are taking longer and longer. What used to be allocated an odd ten minutes here and there is now taking the entire morning – and mornings are my own writing sessions.

So the first thing I did was re-allocate just two hours each day to this. It’s not good enough, though, and I’m thinking of going back to ten-minute bursts as I finish a story or an outline or a thousand words or a chapter or something.

The next job of the week was to update the diary, something I usually do on a Thursday, including this two-hour housework session – but it’s still encroaching on my working day, something that wouldn’t happen if I went *out* to work – I’d have to do it all of an evening instead, so this really, really needs revisiting.

And then I managed some writing! I wrote the blog post and I did my think/query/write/submit work. Plus I updated my Trello T-card system.

On Tuesday I managed some creative writing course work and I wrote another blog post.

Wednesday was my best day last week (Monday and Tuesday I had appointments, one outside the house and one inside the house), and I typed up the final draft of quite a long short story (for me), coming in at just over 3,400 words. That’s going to need a bit of trimming before it goes off to my targeted market.

I also wrote three more blog posts on Wednesday, including one scheduled for Thursday and one for Friday.

And then I knuckled down to try and clear an editing job. It’s not a particularly hard editing job, it’s just a bit … dull, and I keep getting distracted. I’ll be continuing with this one this week as I really need to get the invoice out the door. But I might print off the next one and maybe alternate the two.

Jobs this week include finishing the current edit and starting a new one, and I have one to proof due in by the end of the week too. I still need to write my book proposal, before they forget about me. And I’d like to do a bit more on the short material, so that I have something out there hopefully earning its keep.

What are you up to this week?