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Here is another picture from our recent walk around Hatfield Moor. The tree is a young silver birch and it comes under 2 photography subject classifications (that I know of)….

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A massive hello and welcome to a raft of new followers who have arrived over the past day or so. I don’t know where you have all come from, but…

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Tier 3 lockdown

Here is another image from our walk around Hatfield Moor last week. I love that blue glow on the water. It makes it look like some kind of grotto, or…

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Back to novelling

I am such a tease, knowing that the title will irk at least a couple of my friends when they see it! I can hear them now complaining about the…

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Today, I am doing the index for The Life of Richard Cadbury. The one job I dislike the most about writing is the indexing. So, for now, I leave you…

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Technical issues

Here is another view from Hatfield Moor. The peat moors are quite ancient and this is part of what they call the Neolithic Way.  These little paths wind all over…

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Tier 2 lockdown

Wahey! I finally found out how to place a picture where I want it instead of where WP thinks I want it! And how to resize it too! I’m on…

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Hatfield Moor

WordPress was having a bit of a hissy fit today. First of all, it wouldn’t let me create or edit a post in Edge, and then it wouldn’t let me…