Hatfield Moor (© Ian Wordsworth, 2020)

Here is another picture from our recent walk around Hatfield Moor.

The tree is a young silver birch and it comes under 2 photography subject classifications (that I know of).

First of all, it’s a ‘hero’ tree. This means that it’s a standalone tree, set apart from a group of other trees.

Secondly, it’s a ‘star of the show’, which means it stands out against a load of others.

Looking from a different angle, it’s clearly a hero tree. But as the poet took the picture against a backdrop of other trees and bracken, it’s also a star of the show.

The poet wasn’t hugely happy with this picture, as the light didn’t catch the bark or the leaves in quite the right way. The light didn’t ‘pop’.

But I really like the shot. I still think the tree stands out as a star of the show here, even if the lighting is a bit dull.


One of my editing clients has asked me to write a quick, short piece. This is a specialist publisher and it’s much easier to edit the articles than write them as I’m not an expert in this particular field.

He asked me to do it on Friday, but first of all I wanted to clarify that he had the right person. Due to the time difference, however, he only confirmed it today. (This is the India client.)

I have had to ask another question. He wants me to include some anchor text, but he hasn’t given me the link to add to the anchor text. So there’s another question I had to fire out into the ether.

When I finally get around to it, it will be a good exercise. He said that he asked me to do it instead of one of the writers as he wants it doing ‘early’. I think he means ‘quickly’. But as his English is a million times better than my Indian, I won’t be asking him to clarify that one.


I have set aside NaNoWriMo for a few days while I finish the ghostwriting gig. It is so close now, with my deadline this Wednesday, that I wanted to clear it and then concentrate on NaNo full-time.

The total word-count so far is exactly 55,000 words. That means I’m only 5,000 words away from completing the 60,000-word novel. However, then I have the 3,000-word bonus story to write as well as a bit of a blurb.

I have 3 days. I can do this.


I currently have a bit of a toothache. I think there’s an infection there, but I also know it’s a tooth that needs to come out eventually. There may even be more than one that needs to come out.

Because I’m too busy to go to the dentist, though, I’m going to wait until Wednesday to call them. First of all, it’s easing off now, so the painkillers, the anti-inflammatories and the Corsodyl toothpaste might be doing the trick.

But if it’s still there on Wednesday, I’m afraid I have to make the call.  😕

Word-counter as at 9am this morning


55,000/63,000 words. 87% done!

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  1. Sorry to hear about the toothache. x Love the photo of the tree. It made me think of ‘Rising above…whatever you want – the ordinary, difficulties, lockdown??
    Take care both.

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