Technical issues

Hatfield Moor. (© Ian Wordsworth, 2020)

Here is another view from Hatfield Moor.

The peat moors are quite ancient and this is part of what they call the Neolithic Way. 

These little paths wind all over the moors in a circular pattern, with varying walks of different lengths.

Because of the nature of the site – it is after all peat bog land – the paths also get wet and boggy in places. 


I am still having problems with WordPress.  Support have spent a lot of time with me now, and while they originally replicated the same problem I’m having, once they did an experiment thing, it started to work for them.

The experiment thing didn’t work for me at all. It froze my computer, chucked me out Opera and disconnected the internet. And when it finally let me back in and I logged out and logged back in again, I was still getting the same issue.

For now I’m going to carry on via the dashboard on Opera instead of via WP admin. It’s working in Edge, but I don’t really like Edge and Edge has just caused a monumental issue with Facebook. So I’m back on memory-hungry Opera again.

BUT … at least I can post. It’s still not letting me pull that subheading further up the page though …


Once again, this was the only job I managed yesterday. But I didn’t get a lot of writing done as I found myself in research mode again and got sucked into the internet.

At the end of today, the client is getting whatever I’ve done so far. I have to do the indexing tomorrow, so the first ghostwriting instalment needs to be off my desk by the end of today.

And the techie issues already took up a chunk of my day. 

Word meters as at 9am today

Ghostwriting Gig #1


12,019/63,000 words. 19% done!

(Word meters from Language is a Virus.)

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  1. I struggled with WP from day one and gave up on it (long time ago). Too techy for me!

  2. Help! I was a competent science writer but I have been out of it for several years. Now I have a job handed to me – ghost writing scientific papers for a professor- for as long as I am able… I like the subject and “it’s not rocket science “ (his words) but I am feeling overwhelmed by the avalanche of new material. I need some words of encouragement- are there resources? Anything? I don’t want to mess this up it’s a great opportunity-

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