Monday 8 July 2024: Good result

Image by Josch13 from Pixabay

After a late night on Thursday watching the election results as they started to unfold, we had a relatively early start on Friday morning. We woke to find that the country had a new party in government and that it was a landslide, as predicted by the exit polls the previous day.

I am so glad that we managed to oust the former party, but a bit concerned that most of the population seems to think that all of the previous Conservative voters were now voting for ReformUK.

We, the poet and I, know for a fact that former Labour voters we know have voted for ReformUK. So who’s to say that voters for other parties didn’t also vote for them? They still only managed to win 4 seats, which is the same (at the time of writing) as the Green Party. Another aside, though: Will the Green Party get equal media coverage? We don’t think so.

It really annoys me when people make blanket assumptions and only demonstrates how thick and stupid *they* are. Not the rest of us. Our own former Conservative MP is spouting off that Labour didn’t win, but ReformUK slid them in.

Well, wake up! The Labour Party won the majority of seats! And by now they will have finalised formation of their first majority government this term.

But whatever the truth, and whatever these idiots choose to believe, we got rid of the Tories. And that in itself is a victory. Now I hope that the new prime minister will keep to his word and honour his party’s manifesto pledges. And *when* he does that, I hope all of the critics, all of the stupid people who have made comments, will start to eat their hats.

Anyway, enough of politics. How did Friday go in the end?

Well, I spent the entire morning watching one prime minister leave Downing Street and a new one arrive. And then I finished Week 1 of my advanced depth workshop, which feat neatly well within a Pomodoro. That gave me my first 10-minute break to start today’s blog and choose and download a suitable image.

I am married to a Yorkshireman and the emblem of Yorkshire is a WHITE rose. For today, though, in honour of our new Labour government, I’ve chosen a RED rose. This is usually the only time that this will happen.

After my break I went back to my course and Week 2. Then, after a bit of a bitty week in the end, I started on the schedule for this week and the rest of the month.

Plan for the weekend was to watch the football. I wonder how that turned out…

4 thoughts on “Monday 8 July 2024: Good result

  1. So glad to see the back of that particular bunch of Tories – not sure where they are going to go from here! Feels like the grown-ups have taken over. I think Reform attracted a number of different people including unhappy Labour and Conservative voters and were more a protest vote than anything else. Also yay for the football!

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