Friday 5 July 2024: Distracted

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

I was very late to my desk yesterday. Two hours late. Not good enough. I’d had another rough night, but still. Perhaps if I get up at the right time despite not having a great night’s sleep, I might sleep better the following night and wake refreshed.

I fed the garden birds and finished filling the dishwasher while the kettle boiled, and I cleared up 2 jobs I didn’t do the day before: my weekly tech scan and printing off the client edit pdf. I have the author’s corrections for this book already, but I’m still awaiting the proofreader’s report.

For much of the day I expected to be distracted by General Election latest news. I filled in a quiz to see which party most closely matched my own political opinions. My top match was the Green Party, followed by the Workers Union Party of Britain. The Labour Party, the Liberal-Democrats and the Women’s Equality Party were equal 3rd. The Conservatives were in 9th place, followed by Reform UK in 10th place. Of 12.

If it wouldn’t be a wasted vote, I might consider the Green Party. I don’t know who the WUPB are. But I’m delighted that Labour are at least up there in 3rd position. What surprised me was the WEP, though, although I *have* served as Equality Officer on the Freelance Industrial Council of the National Union of Journalists.

The quiz was interesting, so I shared it on FB for anyone who was undecided about how to vote. If people want to protest, I’d sooner they did it by turning up and spoiling their ballot paper than not bothering to get out of bed.

I started my next writing with depth workshop, advanced depth, and one video in there was a bonus lecture to watch before continuing. So off I went to watch the lecture on the stages of a fiction writer. Eleven episodes. This made yesterday’s session slightly longer than it’s been all week.

The rest of the lectures took up the next Pomodoro, so that was my learning done for the day. I’ve moved the rest of Week 1 over to today’s session with Week 2. But I was too distracted by what was going on in the country to be much use, so I closed down the office for the day and retired to the lounge.

When the poet got home we went straight out to vote. Hopefully we’ll be waking up to a different Britain this morning, which, obviously by the time this posts, should be a done deal.

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