Tuesday 26 March 2024: Dentist again!

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Monkey Dust had a fab gig on Friday night. They always do at the Irish Bar in Doncaster. They have a good crowd in there.

I dropped the poet off at the drummer’s house where he jumped in the van, then I went home to spend a couple of extra hours with the dog before heading into town again. The poet came to meet me at the car park, so I wasn’t walking through town on my own in the dark, but the band went on then as soon as I got there.

After a quick sound check, I was able to sit down and catch up with friends we hadn’t seen for a long time, not since last year. They packed down quickly, despite being without their driver/lights man/roadie and we were home by 12:30. We sat up for a couple of hours with the dog, while the poet ‘came down’, but we were in bed relatively early for a gig night.

We didn’t even have a massive lie-in on Saturday morning. Even so, we had something to eat for dinner in the car in between the butcher and the supermarket. On Sunday we took the dog for a ride in the car, went to the pet shop, and visited the mother in law. We didn’t have a late night, though, because the poet had a dental appointment at stupid o’clock Monday morning and I was taking him.

On Sunday I sat and played with Plottr and Novelist on my tablet, but was really disappointed when I couldn’t get Plottr to do anything. I couldn’t edit anything and I couldn’t move along the plot line. I spent hours trying to sort it out and posted a ranting comment on their FB page. By the end of the evening I’d given up, removed the rant, and jotted down what was on my mind in Novelist so I didn’t lose it.

We got up early on Monday and the poet was at his appointment just on time. While he had a root extracted, I did some conveyancing paperwork and some finance work. Thirty minutes later, he was ready to come home. We paid the bill and stopped off at the post office on the way back to post that conveyancing paperwork.

When we got home, the poet took painkillers and anti-inflammatories, but had some work to do. After a couple of hours, he went for a lie down. The root he had taken out was the result of a previously botched dental job where a different dentist broke the tooth trying to take it out and decided to leave the root in. Our last dentist decided to leave it in too, but this one wanted to take it out.

I had breakfast when we got back then reported to my desk. The first thing I did was share yesterday’s book review to everywhere: Medium, Amazon, NetGalley, Goodreads, etc. The second thing I did was start today’s blog post. The third thing I did was collect another 2 books for review, create their cards on Trello, convert them to mobi and to epub, then upload them to Kindle and Google Play Books.

I watched the Writing Mastery Academy Step 6 in the bestseller-writing course and made some notes. This is the first time I’ve watched this far, but I’ve already addressed this step in THE SECRET OF WHITEHORSE FARM. Before watching Step 7, I fired off a support email to Plottr regarding my 2 problems. Then I came back to my course.

I’d already done Step 7 in the novella too, though. Without even realising it. At least that means I’m already on the right track (as far as this course is concerned). And it’s nice to see that I’m almost halfway through the course, and I’m also already almost halfway through the book. Or halfway through the work for the book. (I have written up to this stage too.)

Time for something to eat, I made a sandwich for me, and some soup for the poet, and I read a few chapters of E IS FOR EVIDENCE at my desk.

After dinner, I had a play again with Plottr, but this time on the desktop, recreating my thoughts from Sunday. I had a lot of fun finding images of my characters online and giving them wonderful, piratey names. Then, happy that I at least seem to be on the right track, I set off on a writing Pomodoro for THE SECRET OF WHITEHORSE FARM.

Plan for today

We have a 4-day week this week ahead of a week off next week, so much of Friday’s work has been brought forward and redistributed throughout the rest of the week. Here’s how today looks:

  • Writing Mastery Academy
  • short story #2 for 3-story call for submissions
  • continue new client edit
  • weekly scan
  • weekly backup
  • tomorrow’s blog

What are you up to today?

2 thoughts on “Tuesday 26 March 2024: Dentist again!

  1. I’m interested in what you have to say about E. I’d forgotten how sad D was, and I read E immediately after, so I wonder if that affected my thoughts on it.

    1. I remembered who the perp was in D quite early on and rather than saddened by the ending, I was a bit annoyed (both with the perp and with Kinsey’s reactions…or not). I also wondered what they did with the money. That was a loose end for me. E was one of my favourites. A was my #1 fave, but E was another favourite. I’m still reading it (you’ve overtaken me), but so far I’m also still enjoying it.

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