Friday 15 March 2024: Catfish, anyone?

Image by Tim from Pixabay

We have a meal plan. Not because of any diet, but originally for budgetary purposes and now for variety. Plus, it’s easier if we don’t have to decide what to eat on the day, much easier if we already know in advance and can buy the necessary ingredients in our regular weekly shop.

On Wednesday it was fish this week. We always, always turn our nose up at fish and then quite enjoy it once it’s on our plates. We’re also always, always still hungry afterwards. But fish is good for us, right? This week the fish was ‘basa’. We do like basa but we didn’t know where it came from. So the poet did some research. And, it’s catfish…

😱 Catfish. 🤢

Ugh! But, it tastes nice and it’s generally a keeper. But, oh…catfish…Haddock’s off the list, but we had breaded plaice this week too. Catfish stays, but so does the word ‘basa’. It sounds so much nicer.

I managed to get up with the poet on Thursday…or perhaps more accurately, the poet got up with me. He didn’t have a long way to drive and he didn’t have to be in raving early. So he got up with me and was at work less than an hour later.

When I arrived at my desk, I quickly looked at the weekly blog planner and then at my TickTick. The blog posts have gone a bit awry this week. Yesterday’s should have been my reading this week (new feature) and my learning this week should have been the day before. I was going to do my reading this week today, but I decided to skip it for this week and start afresh next week, going straight into the correct post for Fridays.

The next thing I skipped was the course on mini courses. I had too much to do and I really couldn’t get excited about this one. I think it might be one of those things that I eventually do just to get rid of it, so it will be something to do in my downtime, if I get any.

I started today’s blog post, searched for and selected the picture, and created some future master blog posts in Scrivener for the my learning this week feature. That way I can update them as I go along and I don’t have to sit there trying to remember what I did on which day.

CCleaner, previously Crap Cleaner, forced an update on me and I had to close all programs for that. As soon as I’d done the clean, which picked up quite a lot more than my usual scanner did, I went into the settings and turned auto updates OFF. It’s okay for it to let me know there are updates, but I really don’t like it when it forces itself upon me.

Next up was the proofreading. That needs to be back with the client today so I can start the next one on Monday. I made myself a cup of tea (my trigger to start work) and grabbed a couple of biscuits, then settled down for at least a Pomodoro…during which the dog decided to sit on his water bowl…

During my first break, I shared the gig list and fed the garden birds. Then I was off on my second Pomodoro for this job. I broke for dinner, caught up on emails and blogs, then returned to my task. I had a good proofreading triple session in the end, but as we were going out last night, I didn’t have the luxury of working overtime if necessary, and I wanted to try and touch as many jobs as possible at least once.

So I pushed the proofreading to one side and had a look at the Story Immersion course, deciding to watch it all through once before attempting the exercises properly. After that, it was a revision session with the Writing Mastery course. I washed my hair so it had chance to dry a bit before we went out, and then I had a session with WHITEHORSE FARM, adding 958 words.

It was 5pm by now and I had to get ready to go out. So the 2 short stories were moved again, this time to today. I still got through quite a lot, though:

  • The Story Immersion Project course ✔
  • Writing Mastery Academy course ✔
  • How to Create a Mini-Course course ❌
  • 12 STORIES IN 12 MONTHS – March ❌
  • PIRATE LEGENDS short story ❌
  • Diane’s Gig List admin ✔
  • proofread naval book for client ✔
  • today’s blog ✔
  • theatre trip: THE MOUSETRAP 70th anniversary tour ✔
Plan for today

The plan for today, then, is as follows:

  • The Story Immersion Project course
  • Writing Mastery Academy course
  • PIRATE LEGENDS short story
  • 12 STORIES IN 12 MONTHS – March
  • proofread naval book for client
  • weekly backup
  • next week’s diary
  • Monday’s blog
  • hair appointment

What’s on your schedule today? And have you ever eaten catfish?

Have a great weekend!

2 thoughts on “Friday 15 March 2024: Catfish, anyone?

  1. I cooked catfish a few months back; the fish monger suggested it, and I hadn’t eaten it in years. I’d forgotten I liked it. I do like a lot of fish, and since we are moving away from meat and pork, we’re upping the fish. Having a good fish monger helps. We get better fish here in the mountains than when we lived on Cape Cod — because they sell what they catch out here and it’s same day fresh delivery!

    I think next time I use it, I might put it in paella. It’s got the heft that would work in such a dish. The fish monger agrees!

    I’m back on the picket line today (in the rain) and have a busy weekend. Have a good one!

    1. I don’t think I can bear calling it catfish. It will forever be basa. It was certainly nice and meaty, substantial. But fish always leaves us starving, unless it has an inch of batter on it.

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