Thursday 8 February 2024: Snow!

Image by Mollyroselee from Pixabay

The snow was forecast for noon today. It was supposed to be wet snow, and it wasn’t likely to stick.

At 7:30am, the rain started, right on schedule. By 8:30am, it was snowing. The poet drove 75 minutes away and didn’t see a single flake. But he did see some rain. Here, the snow was well and truly wet.

I had a leisurely breakfast and when I arrived at my desk I worked on the short story for 12 STORIES IN 12 WEEKS. It’s due on Wednesday 28 February, and here I am, nearly 3 weeks early, working on it already. I’m just under 300 words over at the moment, but hey, 3 weeks early? I’m more than happy with that.

I set off a virus scan, as I hadn’t done it yesterday, and I shared the gig list post. I was about to start today’s blog post when I realised it was still snowing. By noon, when it was supposed to start snowing, it was well and truly sticking. Overjoyment much?

In my element, I grabbed my little Panasonic camera (we’re testing it to see if I could do with a new one) and went for a walk around the bungalow to take pictures. They’re nowhere near as good as the ones my phone takes, and my phone camera isn’t that great. But I was able to transfer them to the laptop quickly and easily, so that was a bonus.

I shared the photographs on Facebook because most people on there know (a) how much I like the snow, and (b) how often I’m disappointed when it doesn’t arrive. And then I sat down to write today’s blog. The blog posts are a bit behind, but at least I’m not missing entire days at the moment, like I did for the past week.

The poet called, and when I told him about the snow, he asked me to send him some pictures. To do that I had to take some with the phone, and by then the snow was quite a bit deeper. As he was 75 minutes away on a good day, I think he was considering leaving soon to make sure he got home safely.

When he did get home he said the snow here was the worst he’d seen all the way, from none at almost on the coast to quite thick here considering it wasn’t supposed to stick.

I started work on the nasty editing job and was a bit narked that’s I’d spent a lot of time on the last lot of proofs and much of it has been ignored. I can’t go into detail, but I’m this close telling them to shove it.

I think I’m going to completely clear the editing decks so I can concentrate on my writing with a clear conscience.

7 thoughts on “Thursday 8 February 2024: Snow!

  1. Yay for you on the snow! The FB pictures were beautiful.

    We finally have some sunshine here, but it’s cold.

    And yay on the short story, too. Sorry about the nasty edit.

  2. You’re weird about snow! We had a gridlocked traffic moved as lorries couldn’t manage the hill in either direction. Buses stopped at lunchtime, the schools closed after the buses stopped! Kids walked home miles to surrounding villages in school shoes…they probably loved it.
    It looked pretty but the next day it was slush, mud and oozing brown rivers in the fields and woods.
    You are weird 😀

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