Wednesday 15 November 2023: Late with everything

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

By the time yesterday morning arrived, the storm was well and truly blown out, although the south of the country was still being battered by rain. I didn’t bother going out into the garden to move everything back to where it was in case there was another storm on the horizon. As it was, it grew very dark very early, despite a clear sky.

Still feeling a bit worn out from this cold, I joined in with the People’s Friend writing hour on my mobile phone from the comfort and warmth of the living room.

Because I was late with Monday’s blog post, I was also late with Tuesday’s blog post, and that latter one was the first job I did once at my desk.

The next job I did was another Monday job. I uploaded the next chapter of Diary of a Scaredy Cat to Substack for paid subscribers.

I received notification that Sarah had used the Bluesky code I sent her, so off I pootled to follow her. She’d already found me and was already following me.

While I was in the social media stratosphere, I finished deleting all of my posts from CounterSocial, I deleted another month’s worth from Twitter/X, and another year’s worth from Facebook. I unfollowed everyone on CounterSocial before following them again. This ensures I’m at least following back, apart from three that needed approval. This takes longer than it should, really, but at least when it’s done it’s done.

I caught up on the day’s competition entries and played a game or two before taking the book I’m editing and my writing notebooks into the living room. I was getting too distracted by the internet and, anyway, it was tiring me out staring at the screen all day. I’ll let you know tomorrow how I got on.

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4 thoughts on “Wednesday 15 November 2023: Late with everything

  1. Hi Diane, interesting to know that they notified you I had used the code. The blue place looks good. Must admit, I am thinking of paring back my Twitter account too. It was fun for a while! Thanks again for the code x

    1. The notification was at the top when I logged in. I don’t know if we get push notifications as I automatically turn them all off anyway from the outset. I think it has a nice vibe to it, not (yet?) as nasty and spiteful as Twitter can be. x

  2. Anytime someone uses a code, they tell you, so that if someone doesn’t, you can send the code to someone else.

    Glad you’re feeling better. Take it somewhat easy and get well!

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