Friday 10 November 2023: Housekeeping

Image by Mohamed Hassan from Pixabay

The dog got his own back on me yesterday morning. He woke me up at 4am to go out. Standing on the doorstep in just your nightie at this time of year is no fun. And, of course, he took his time. When I went out to feed the birds much later, I saw pigeon feathers everywhere. I don’t think it was a predator, as there were only the feathers left. It’s more likely two wood pigeons had a bit of a scuffle.

Last thing Wednesday night and first thing Thursday morning, I watched the videos for the fiction writing course I’ve started. There are lots of instances where I think, I know that! Why don’t I do it now? And there are some instances where I think, Okay, I might try that. So I think it’s a good experience all around.

I’m clearing up a lot of my social media/online presence where I can, deleting very old posts or other activities. On Facebook, I cleared 2009! And I started 2010. Apart from what I want to leave up there, such as photo albums. I’m also gradually deleting all of my Twitter/X posts.

BlueSky has replaced Twitter/X for me, and there are only two reasons why I’m keeping the Twitter/X account going:

  1. It’s listed in the back of my books as contact info
  2. I enjoy taking part in the People’s Friend writing hour every Tuesday

If it wasn’t for those two things, I’d probably dismiss it and delete it. Other than the blog auto-posting there (when it works), I don’t use it for much else.

I’m also going down CounterSocial and doing the same, but this time I’m going to close the account. I don’t get a lot of value from it and they keep asking me for money. As does MeWe, so I’ll be closing that one down too. And, probably, Post.News, as I don’t think that’s at all suitable for what I want. And, perhaps, LinkedIn, as I don’t use that at all ever.

For the time being, they’re all still there. But going forward, I think I’ll just be keeping BlueSky and Facebook. If you’d like to follow me anywhere, check out the links page. If anyone wants a BlueSky code, give me a shout. I often have two or three available. At some point soon too, I’ll be clearing away older blog posts. If they fit in a book, I’ll collate them first. Otherwise, they’ll be going to the great graveyard in the ether.

I very quickly shared this week’s gig list. While I was on Facebook, I noticed that parts of England were getting SNOW! So I opened up the weather maps to keep an eye on them throughout the day. The plan then was to move on to other scheduled work. But I got stuck in a loop with Amazon tech support (my favourite) and the day ran away with me again.

I still have a lot to do today. Have a great weekend!

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5 thoughts on “Friday 10 November 2023: Housekeeping

  1. I haven’t been on Twitter in months. I locked my account. I hear Tumblr’s in trouble, which is a shame, since they drive traffic to the serials. I’m doing another social media assessment in December, and we will see where we are. I’m on Bluesky the most, and Instagram after that. Spoutible and Mastodon and Facebook after that, and CounterSocial the least. T2/Pebble already shut down.

    It’s exhausting.

    1. I don’t use Instagram as much as I could. I use it more for Monkey Dust. Looking forward to your next assessment!

  2. Hi Diane,
    Of all the socials you mention, I find LinkedIn pretty good when you follow people doing similar things to you. As usual you do have to weed out the dross, though. I did laugh at the other post where you woke the dog up, but of course he’s going to get up early more often than you!
    I would be grateful for a Bluesky code when you next have one, please x

    1. I’m really not at all keen on LinkedIn. I suppose I’d use it more if I was still in the market for jobs.

      I’ve sent you a bluesky code. I hope it arrives safely. Look me up when you get there! x

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