Thursday 12 October 2023: Free images

Cinnamon is poured into a cappuccino cup –

I’ve been toying with taking out a subscription to DepositPhotos. I know a lot of other writers who use them and I do like the selection they have. While I’ve been umming and ahhing, they’ve sent me several special offers, one of which I may actually accept. But yesterday they also sent a selection of free assets I can use, along with the required accreditations.

One of them was today’s picture, ‘cinnamon is poured into a cappuccino cup’. It doesn’t really have anything to do with today’s blog post, but I liked the picture and decided to use it. I wonder how many of us were sent the same image.

Anyway, it looks very cosy, inviting and autumnal.

I was up again right after the poet left for work, did some social media faffing, looked at emails, lay down on the bed again for five minutes, and woke up at 9:30am… I did say I was tired the other day.

I had a man due ‘after 10:30am’, to possibly fix a door handle and lock and to quote for a new fascia board at the back of the house. So I dashed around, getting washed and dressed, wolfing breakfast down, sorting the dog, in case he was early, or even on time.

He arrived bang on 11am. He should have only taken 20 minutes or so, but he too has a dachshund, so of course we were exchanging tales (tails?), and he had to meet Rufus properly. It’s likely we need more than just a fascia board, as there is weather penetration in the dining room. And he has to come back with a new door mechanism.

I made it to my desk at ten minutes to midday. Tut, tut!

Made a phone call to confirm a routine hospital appointment, which was a good thing I did as they changed the time. It’s on 1 November, which of course means my first day of NaNo might be scuppered as I’ll be heavily sedated for the procedure. They’re still trying to find out why I got pancreatitis last year, especially as I don’t drink or smoke and I’m not diabetic.

Perhaps I will start NaNo on 31 October and take 1 November off… The next day, 2 November, we both have eye tests.

I finished yesterday’s blog post and posted it, immediately noticing that I hadn’t put a proper title on it. That’s two days on the trot I’ve done that. I changed it straight away, then had to go into Buffer to stop it posting updates later on in the day. Then I started today’s blog post, after going to collect the picture.

At precisely 12 noon, I realised I hadn’t ordered my repeat prescription on Tuesday afternoon and our GP closes at 12 noon on Wednesday mornings. It will open again at 3:30pm today, so I must order it today. (Someone, remind me!)

I decided to post the blog to Medium and started from the beginning of October. I’ve not added them to any publications, they’re just there on my profile. My Medium profile is here. Then I decided to add a shop to my Ko-fi page and I uploaded three ebooks to start with. My Ko-fi shop is here.

In between adding October blog posts thus far to Medium, I had to split one out and make the book review from earlier in the week a separate story. This is because I tend to send book reviews to one of the publications on there.

I’d just published the last of the October posts and gone back to my profile to start pinning stories to the top, and the book review had already been accepted and published. You can see that here, even though you already saw it here

Then I did some NaNo prep. Before I knew it, the poet was home again and tea was almost ready.

Here are today’s jobs:

  • today’s blog post
  • NaNoWriMo prep class on Zoom
  • The Secret of Whitehorse Farm NaNoWriMo project (novella)
  • A Winter Promise call for submissions (short story)
  • the Vietnam book
  • Diane’s gig list admin

Again, The Fool isn’t even planned today as I already have a full list of things to do, and the Zoom class will take an hour.

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    1. I don’t mind admin until I notice how much work time it took. But… admin has to be done too. I should just manage the time better.

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