Thursday 3 August 2023: Starting to catch up

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Tuesday night was a lot better. Rufus got in his basket and went to sleep, and he stayed there for the entire night. Of course, that didn’t stop me waking up every other hour or so, to check that he was okay. But he was okay, he just didn’t want to go out and he must have been very, very sleepy.

I was up on time and over breakfast I finished reading one book and started to read another. Then it was time to hit my desk and start to tackle all the jobs I’m lagging behind on. Only I didn’t do a single one. Instead, I checked ahead for current calls for submissions for late August through to the end of November. I doubt I’ll be able to add any more stories to my August workload, unless I take some on holiday, but you never know.

I wrote up yesterday’s blog post and created the graphic for today’s blog post as well as other social media postings. Then I updated my reading log. I’m behind on my reading too, thanks to workload and extra studying. I need to get back to the NetGalley books soon but at the moment I just need some chill time. So I’m reading what I want to read. I have almost 1,500 books on my Kindles, and that’s after weeding a load out over the weekend.

The calls for submissions work took the entire morning, so by the time I was ready to start on my list of jobs to do for the day, it was already dinner time. I made a sandwich and settled down to revise another pop-up workshop on locked room mysteries. I had a set of Motivational Monday videos to watch too, but I moved those to next week.

I went to collect the reading list for the study along Romance Ghosts workshop that starts in September, but it wasn’t there yet. So I moved that task along to the next day. I’ll carry on doing that until the list is there. At this rate, I’m hoping the list isn’t very long as I won’t have time to read any of them.

Monkey Dust admin was yesterday, which I did. It was quick and easy as I only had to re-share the poster I created and shared last week, plus a couple of posts that the venue shared too. I did the monthly word-count and progress spreadsheets (four now). But then the poet was home and it was time to take Rufus to the vet.

They performed a few more tests and detected that there was still some bleeding going on inside the dog somewhere. Everything else was fine, though. They replaced the anti-inflammatories with a monthly injection and gave him more of what the emergency vet gave him plus an extra course of tablets. They’re seeing him again in a month.

One thing that surprised us. The dog didn’t need his wheels to get from the car park across the road to the vet. His mobility is the best it’s been in a long time. We think that something in the ulcer drugs is something that’s helping his spine.

We went for a drive on the way home to look at the parking situation for Saturday’s gig. Then we came home.

And at last, I seem to have caught up on the daily blogging again. Now I just need to catch up on everything else!

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