Wednesday 2 August 2023: A bit behind

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I’m running a bit behind at the moment. Usually I write my blog posts as I go and schedule them to post the next day. At the moment, or this week at least, I’m writing them on the day they’re being posted.

Yesterday wasn’t a great day. Rufus had another bad night on Monday and I was up every ten minutes with him letting him out and in and out and in. Most of the time when he went out he just stood on the patio looking a bit bewildered. Sometimes he remembered why he asked to go out but most of the time he just came back in again.

In the end he was a tiny bit sick, bringing up a wad of old grass and hairs wrapped around another plastic wrapper. It was like a fur ball a cat might bring up. He settled down then, went to sleep for three hours solid, woke up, mooched around, and went back to sleep for another two hours. At about 8am I got one of his ulcer tablets down him. That calmed him and must have eased his stomach because he went back to sleep.

And so did I.

For the entire morning.

I did wake up at about 11:30am and was able to hop on the People’s Friend writing hour on Twitter or X or whatever it’s called today. But I was joining in from bed. We both got up (me and the dog, the poet was away) and moved to the settee in the living room, where I had something to eat, read for a while, and the dog shouted at the window. He was much brighter, much better, and I was able to send the poet pictures and a short video.

That didn’t give me a lot of time in which to do my work. I did my planning for the month ahead and finalised yesterday’s blog post with the list of things to do for the month. I don’t have as many deadlines this time as we’re on holiday for a week, but I decided on five short stories I’d like to have finished first drafts for at least.

I finished watching one of the online workshops I ran out of time with last week. I wrote up this week’s diary. And I made an appointment with our own vet for today.

And that’s all I managed. It was new month day and I had so much more to do. I’ll guess I’ll carry on trying to catch up today… when I’m already late on today’s blog post.

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2 thoughts on “Wednesday 2 August 2023: A bit behind

    1. He’s much better than he was, thank you, and his mobility is improving too. Either there’s something in the ulcer tablets that’s helping his spine or it’s the half a paracetamol he’s having twice a day.

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