Wednesday 12 July 2023: Multi-tasking

Image by Rosy from Pixabay

I had a really good start to the day by remembering the People’s Friend writing hour on Twitter. So I got up and dressed in record time instead of languishing in bed. Over breakfast I read another chapter of set book 1 for the fantasy thriller writing workshop before moving to the office. I did a few admin-y things, but I was actually sat at my desk waiting for the event to start this time, rather than trailing in ages after everyone else.

The day before I’d had a good tidy up of my desk and the surrounding area. So it was nice to sit down and have everything I needed to start the day right there in front of me, instead of having to search for it.

While I took part in the writing hour, I wrote this week’s secret sugarholic blog post, chose the picture, and published it. And then I started today’s blog post and I chose the picture. It was originally a collage of four pictures, and I liked the full image a lot. But it was the wrong shape for either the top of the post (too tall) or the featured image (didn’t fit the thumbnail). So I cut it down and made four different pictures I can use.

I had to make a few phone calls about the house sale, and then I sent a couple of emails. I’m not impressed with one of the agents the probate people have set on and told both the agent and the probate people the same. They hadn’t replied to any of our communications, including a keen viewer’s phone number who wanted to see the house. I gave those contact details to the other agent in the end, the one that does seem to be working.

A few minutes later, the agent that does seem to be working called me back to say the other agent had contacted the keen viewer and arranged an appointment. I must have put the wind up them when I rang and had a go at them asking if they were interested in selling the house or not! When I spoke to them before, they denied all knowledge of having the bloke’s details, and I didn’t give them to them… Someone was telling untruths… Even more unimpressed.

Writing hour and multi-tasking over, I went and brought the bins in, played with the dog in the garden for a few minutes, fed the garden birds, had something to eat, and read another chapter of the set book for the writing workshop.

I had a difficult afternoon. I struggled to concentrate. I hopped around quite a few blogs, catching up on everyone’s news. But I did write 590 words for Catch the Rainbow in between all of that, bringing the running tally to 25,255 words. And then I had another long phone conversation, this time with my sister, who was briefly back from her travels and keen to catch up on the house sale.

I decided to pack up for the day, rather than sit and stare at a blank computer screen or hop between social media and emails. (I don’t know why I do that when nothing is likely to be different.) And I settled down for an evening of reading.

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2 thoughts on “Wednesday 12 July 2023: Multi-tasking

  1. sometimes, when I’m very productive for one stretch of time, I find my mind just shuts down. I think it’s protecting itself when it needs rest, after all those years of me pushing too hard.

    1. It makes me feel really out of sorts, as though I’m wasting valuable time. But yes, we’ve both worked hard for years juggling things.

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