Friday 23 June 2023: A bit worried…

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I was starting to get a bit concerned about the Brevo thing. They didn’t respond to my last email. The email they sent before that was threatening to close my apparently inactive account. And the email I sent them first thing yesterday morning didn’t even garner an auto-response. Call me a bluff old cynic, but I’d say there’s something going on there.

My knee-jerk reaction was then to make sure I’d downloaded all of my newsletters thus far as pdfs and to upload them to the newsletter archive for subscribers. I started to send them snotty emails asking them why they’re ignoring me and letting them know in no uncertain terms how unimpressed I am with them. And then they asked me to confirm my new email address. What?!

SendinBlue worked fine. Brevo does not. I’m so glad I already downloaded my contacts. My gut has been niggling at me for a couple of weeks now. Maybe I should just pay attention, especially now I know that there’s actual science behind gut instincts.

The doll in the picture is called a worry eater. Apparently they have these worry dolls for kids now. If someone had given one of these to me when I was a kid, I think I would have had nightmares. I do like the reasoning behind them, though.

I found another Facebook group for missing pets in our area, joined, and posted my first post. Holly’s now on six pages, plus I went around leafleting the neighbours on Wednesday. The Cat Lick did go again Wednesday night/Thursday morning, but that really could be anything… perhaps we can set up a camera there.

After regularly checking both of my webmails at regular intervals, I suddenly had a rash of support auto emails from Brevo, including one asking me to confirm that I was sending them the email… (scratches head)

I’ve been trying to order some Post-it notes from Amazon, but they keep putting Prime in my basket. Even if I say no thanks, there it still is. I contacted support and they said there is no Prime on my account. I said that’s because I don’t subscribe to Prime and that my issue was I didn’t want it in my basket. I took screenshots and I sent those. (perplexed)

It looks like I’m not the only one having this kind of problem with Amazon. Look at this news story.

I had a look at Buffer to see if it’s scheduling posts to Twitter yet. It isn’t. So I fired off a support message for that. Then I noticed that things I’m posting on my FB page (not profile) are also appearing in my calendar. I’m not scheduling them and I’m sharing them directly. So another support message went off and then I went to see if Mercury was in retrograde or something. It isn’t. (baffled)

What is it with technology at the moment? Is it me? Or is everyone having similar issues?

I did finally get past a chat bot on Amazon to speak (well, ‘chat’) to a real person, and after asking me to ‘kindly ignore’ the Prime in my basket, they did actually ask if I would hold on while they looked into it. I’d told them we shouldn’t have to go through a ‘four-page, six-click, fifteen option process’ to cancel something we never asked for in the first place. The tech promised they’d escalated it and that hopefully it won’t happen again.

Anyway, before the tech closed the chat, I copied it to Word so I have a record. They’re good at suddenly closing the chat as well and it disappears into the ether for ever. Brevo replied to my Tweet, asking me to send them a DM… and the DM failed to send… (no words…) Anyway (again), Brevo did reply and they said that the email telling me they were going to close my account was in error and that they were looking into it.

After listening to podcast episode 07, I grabbed the short story Going, Going, Gone, copied and pasted it to Vocal, formatted it and submitted it to the fiction community before updating the record of submissions spreadsheet. It took a bit longer to auto-publish this time and I was starting to think it must be a theme at the moment. Then the notification came through. You can read it here, but I think only members can comment. There is a free membership, though.

The Brevo problem was fixed after that jam of numerous emails suddenly arrived, including the one in reply to my support ticket sent a whole day earlier. Buffer came back to me to say they were looking into the Twitter thing, then someone else came back and said the random posting is normal… (Uh?) . And Amazon sent an email promising to feed back and look into the Prime thing always appearing in my basket, even when I’ve told it not to.

I wrote this week’s post for our garden this week and published it. I should have scheduled it the day before, but I ran out of time. You can see it here. Then I paused to go and get tea with the poet before tackling my 200 words a day challenge.

I only worked on Diary of a Pussycat because it was too late to do much else, but I was determined not to record a zero on my challenge. I revised three chapters, wrote three lots of exercises, and added 332 words. Current tally = 44,066 words.

Have a great weekend!

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