Thursday 22 June 2023: Bumbling along

I slept really well on Tuesday night, and so did the dog. Which is probably why I slept so well. I had to wake him up he was in such a deep sleep.

Once I’d done the usual social media and email stuff over dinner, I started to read the next book on my pile. I’m not allowed to discuss this one because it’s a set book for a workshop I’ll be studying along to in July – the one with the horror stories.

When I got to my desk I updated the missing cat poster I did in February and I converted it from Canva to a Publisher file, placing two posters side by side on an A4 sheet. I printed off 51 (one was a test), sliced them in half, and folded them so they’re easier to push through letterboxes. She’s been gone a week now and we’re starting to think someone must have taken her in.

While I was in Canva, I also updated my reading log, created the ‘currently reading’ flyers, and shared them on social media. I don’t have to do a review for this one but I am reading it for study purposes. And I started today’s blog.

I had some extra admin to do for Monkey Dust. They’ve had the first four gigs come in for next year. (Wow! That’s early.) So I thought I’d best go in and add the holidays for next year I already know about to the group calendar. And yup, one of the new gigs is on a bank holiday weekend. We usually take bank holiday weekends off. This goes back to when we started camping and could go away more often, even for short breaks.

Another gig is a bit too close for Christmas, I think. We usually have to book three weeks off at Christmas because the drummer owns a butcher shop and it’s his busiest period. I’ll have to ask the poet to ask the lads to add in any holidays they already know about as well, I’ll have to ask him to ask the drummer about this December gig, and I’ll also have to ask the poet if he wants to forfeit the bank holiday weekend.

An email came in saying my story The Complete Angler had been accepted for publication on Medium. Read it here. Non-members can read it as one of their three free stories a month.

Buffer isn’t auto-posting to Twitter for some reason. I’ve refreshed the connection, removed the connection, added the connection again, but it doesn’t seem to be working. If it fails again today, I’ll be putting a call in. I had to manually share yesterday’s blog post to Twitter.

I nipped on to Goodreads, to update my reading. Then it was back to my desk. I revised the next three chapters of Diary of a Pussycat and wrote the exercises, adding 264 words. Current tally = 43,734 words.

I took time out to go and deliver the missing cat posters to the houses in a direct circle from our house. There are loads of gardens at the back that all meet and cross each other. That’s where we found Holly last time. So I decided to leaflet the same area.

When I got back I was ready to work on Catch the Rainbow. I’ve had a bit of a brain murmur and I think I know how I can flesh out the first part without it smacking of padding. I think it’s going to be two scenes, but they’re going to be completely, totally brand-new, so the writing might take a bit more time and effort.

I inserted a placeholder for the new scenes and carried on typing up what I already had, revising and adding to it as I went. I added 781 words making the current tally = 17,840.

I had a few household chores to do before the poet came home from his business trip, so I listened to podcast episode 06 while I did that. I didn’t get a reply from Brevo. And there was still no sign of the cat.

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2 thoughts on “Thursday 22 June 2023: Bumbling along

  1. I think Tweetdeck is the only thing Twitter is allowing to schedule posts, at this point. I’ve heard from people using various tools that the Twitter stuff won’t post anymore. Very frustrating.

    I hope you find Holly soon.

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