Tuesday 14 Mar 2023: Another slow day

Image by Alexa from Pixabay

Mondays are always good days as far as my work is concerned. They usually seem to be the most productive day all week. Apart from yesterday. Yesterday it looks as though I hardly did anything. However, much of the day was spent editing the last 32 pages of the hard-copy edit… only there were still 18 pages left by the end of it. It’s slower going than I thought it would be, but other things, as usual, seem to get in the way at times.

Other jobs included admin work for Diane’s Gig List and Monkey Dust. The gig list work is minimal. All I have to do is share the gig list posts on Facebook. I don’t even have to log in as Diane’s Gig List any more as friends are looking after that now. I just share whatever it is that they post. The Monkey Dust admin, however, is taking a little longer.

Yesterday I logged in to Facebook as Monkey Dust and I reminded everyone about this Saturday’s gig, which was all well and good. Then one of my mates suggested we check with the venue as they’d heard they were closing this week. So the poet checked with both the agent and the venue, the first of whom said he would come back to us, the second who said yes, they’d closed their doors on the Saturday just gone. We couldn’t announce that though until we’d heard from the agent and let the other lads in the band know.

Confirmation finally came through this morning, but that fell into today’s work, so more on that in the next blog post.

I had a play around with my work schedule and entered a few competitions. But generally, the only thing I managed yesterday was editing.

I’m hoping I get through a bit more today.

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