Friday 10 Mar 2023: Struggle to get going

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I’m sure you’ll all be delighted to know that the snow I ordered arrived in good time for my birthday. I got up early just so I could watch it through the window for longer. It carried on snowing heavily until arount 1pm when it thinned out and got a bit watery. It started again, though. The snow was supposed to be here until Saturday night, but it looks like it’s sleet and snow that’s coming in now. I don’t mind. I’ve had my pretty for a day or so.

Because I’ve been recalled to the doctor’s for blood tests, blood pressure check, weight check and GP review, I’ve started to look at ways to lower my cholesterol. I’ve always managed this before just by following a low fat diet. But I was interested to find out more about the so-called blood sugar diet from Dr Michael Mosley, who does a lot of health and nutition stuff for telly. He’s a big fan of 5:2 fasting, which I’ve done, and 800-calorie diets, which I haven’t done because I think I might faint. But while it does look like this diet does lower cholesterol, it doesn’t advocate low fat, and my hiatus hernia doesn’t like full fat.

Still, it’s an interesting read and there’s a lot of science behind it. Perhaps I will find the right mix one day. Perhaps it might be this one. I know a lot of people who have done it and who rave about it. I think the 5:2 diet works, but not if anyone else in your household isn’t following it. Then it gets difficult.

I had a lot of lovely messages on Facebook and quite a few on CounterSocial, even from people I don’t know, so that was very sweet. (I post the blog posts over there.) Not a murmur from anyone on Twitter. Then again, only the important people seem to interact at all with me on there. Much of the day was spent thanking everyone. I also squeezed in a few competition entries.

I couldn’t really get going on Thursday morning for some reason, and by the time I kickstarted my day, it was already way past midday. Nevertheless, I settled down to some editing. When the poet got home from work he whisked me off to Meadowhall for a meal and some shopping.

I did have a bit of a headache. Dare I say? It might have been the snow… Hopefully the snow will stick around for the weekend and the headache will have gone by the time you read this.

Have a great weekend!

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2 thoughts on “Friday 10 Mar 2023: Struggle to get going

  1. I enjoy his podcasts – Just one thing. They only last 10 minutes or so and always have an interesting fact to help maintain good health.

    1. Oh, I didn’t know he did podcasts. I think we’re going to go for the Fast 800 to give us a kickstart, and then we’re going to try the Mediterranean diet, which is what the Fast 800 appears to be based on. I don’t know how I’ll manage without breakfast cereal, white bread, cake, milk chocolate and sweets…

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