Thursday 9 Mar 2023: It’s my birthday!

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It’s my birthday today. Again! It comes around every year, but it doesn’t seem five minutes since my last birthday post. I’ve already been treated to a trip to see Disney on Ice in Leeds, plus my Plottr registration has been renewed for another year, I have flowers, I’ve been eating sweeties all week, we’re going out for a meal tonight, and we’re going shopping.

Oh yes, and I ordered snow… (looks out of window) (shakes head) At the time of writing, the entire country almost has been covered in snow. But not here. Even the poet has seen snow this week. Lots of snow. Hopefully by the time I’m ready to schedule this post, we will have seen some here. If not, I expect it when I get up today. Do we understand each other? Hmm.

Anyway, what did I get up to yesterday? I created a new graphic for another book I’ve started to read alongside the one I started on Tuesday. I don’t mind reading a non-fiction alongside a fiction. I was going to use the graphic to illustrate today’s post, but then I remembered it was my birthday and used the birthday graphic instead. Perhaps I’ll use the new one tomorrow.

I was supposed to have done another Wednesday Writing Prompts, this time for… August. But I hadn’t done the leg work yet, so I shifted it to next week instead and updated the Trello card. I can put due dates on Trello cards at the moment, but it’s not a patch on ClickUp for that kind of thing. I don’t think I’ll take out a full subscription to Trello once the 14-day trial is up.

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I changed my avatar on the Money Saving Expert forum. The one I was using was an ancient one I used when we could have animated avatars, so it was very blurry.

I did look for another one like it, but the closest I could get was just a cute penguin. The animation doesn’t work, but I don’t think we can have animated avatars anymore.

The poet came home from his 3-day trip AND BROUGHT SNOW FLURRIES WITH HIM. I entered a few competitions, I kept an eye on the weather maps, and when it finally started to snow a bit more heavily, I posted a video to FB. We nipped out to get the birthday cake and a couple of other things. He was going to go on his own but I wanted to go out in the snow. So we went together.

I heard back from the author to whom I’d sent an email, the client edit job #1, and so I decided to get the hard copy edit out of the way before starting the proofreading on the other job I already edited and sent for typesetting. There were less than fifty pages, which is a good target to aim at finishing in a day. I really like this book too, so I’m glad the author has been located. Unfortunately, I had less than half a day left, so I carried it over to today.

It snowed on and off until the end of the day in the end. We didn’t have a deep covering, but we did have a covering. Fingers crossed we have a deeper show by today.

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