Where to find me

It looks as though there’s been a mass exodus of staff from Twitter over the past few hours and the knock-on effect is that everyone seems to think it’s the demise of the platform.

Twitter is and always has been my last port of call in any case. I won’t be going to Mastodon, but you can find me at several other places. I’ve included the links below and have converted the information to a brand-new separate links page.

I’ll miss following some of the people I follow on Twitter, but most of us are already friends or associates elsewhere.

I salute all of those employees who felt they had to leave. Had I been one of them, I probably would have joined them.


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2 thoughts on “Where to find me

  1. I’m sad about it, but I’m also looking forward to creating new experiences on other platforms, and, hopefully, something that’s more positive.

    Fortunately, we know where to find each other!

    1. I’m seeing a lot of ‘bring back blogging’ to fill this potential void, but for some of us, it never went away. Now I need to start making the rounds again as well, but so many of the blogs I used to visit have fallen dormant. So I’m adding new ones to the list.

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